Introduction; Operation; Switching System On/Off - Schaudt EBL 101 D Instruction Manual

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12V main switch
(on LT ... control and
switch panel)
811.554 BA / EN
Instruction Manual EBL 101 D / EBL 101 C with OVP


This instruction manual contains important information for the safe operation
of equipment supplied by Schaudt. Make sure you read and follow the safety
instructions provided.
The instruction manual should always be kept in the vehicle. All safety infor-
mation must be passed on to other users.
This device is not intended to be used by persons (including children)
with limited physical, sensory or mental aptitude or lack of experience
and/or knowledge unless they are supervised by a person responsible for
their safety or have received instruction from this person on how the de-
vice is used.
Children are to be supervised so as to ensure they do not play with the
This device is intended for installation into a vehicle.


The Electroblock is operated solely from the DT ... control and switch panel
connected (apart from battery isolation).
Operation of the Electroblock is not required for daily use.
Initial settings are only required after the type of battery (lead-acid or lead-
gel) has been changed or during commissioning or when upgrading with ac-
cessories (see section 3.2 and EBL 101 D / EBL 101 C with OVP installation
instructions for details).

Switching system on/off

Incorrect Electroblock settings.
Damage to connected devices. Therefore prior to starting:
Ensure the leisure area battery is connected.
Ensure that the battery selector switch (Fig. 1, Pos. 1) is set to the
correct position for the battery inserted.
Ensure that the AES fuse (Fig. 4, Pos. 16) is only inserted when an
AES refrigerator is connected. The leisure battery may totally di-
scharge otherwise. Damage to the battery is possible.
Disable battery isolation on the Electroblock:
Move slide switch (see Fig. 4, Pos. 15) into position "Battery ON"
After disabling the battery cut-off switch or after changing batteries: 12V
main switch on the DT ... control and switch panel must be turned on
briefly to start up the consumers.
Use the main 12V switch (see instruction manual of relevant control and
switch panel) to switch on/off all the consumers and the control and switch
Date: 29.04.2010

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