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Battery Functions; Additional Functions - Schaudt Electroblock EBL 211 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions Electroblock EBL 211
Suitable batteries
Battery cut-out
Battery selector switch
Battery monitor with
automatic disconnect
Automatic switch
function for
Step fuse
Battery charging with
solar charging regulator
Automatic switch
function for awning light

Battery functions

6-cell AGM or lead-gel batteries, 55 Ah and above
The battery cut-out (at the battery cut-out switch of the electroblock, see Fig.
4, Pos. 15, see also Section 3.4) isolates the following connections from the
leisure area battery:
all 12 V consumers
the frost protection valve
This prevents slow discharge of the leisure area battery by the standby cur-
rent during shutdown of the vehicle (discharge with approx. 4 Ah in month).
The batteries can still be charged using the electroblock, the alternator, an
auxiliary charging unit or the solar charge regulator, even when the battery
cut-out switch is switched off.
The switching option provided by the battery selector switch ensures opti-
mum charging of the two battery types, lead-gel and AGM.
The battery monitor compares the voltage of the leisure area battery with a
reference voltage. As soon as the battery voltage falls below 10.5 V, all 12 V
consumers are switched off. Only the step, the frost protection valve and the
AES refrigerator are still powered. The automatic disconnector is not trigge-
red by short-term low voltage (shorter than 2 seconds), caused by high cur-
rent when switching on consumers.
If an overload or an insufficiently charged leisure area battery causes the
voltage to fall so low that the automatic disconnector is triggered, any non-
essential consumers should be switched off.
It may be the case that only the 12 V supply is started
for a short time. For this, switch on the 12V main switch on the control and
switch panel.
However, if the battery voltage remains below 11.0 V, you cannot switch the
12 V power supply back on.
Fully charge the leisure area battery as soon as possible. For more informa-
tion, see the description of "battery voltages".

Additional functions

This relay supplies the AES/compressor refrigerator with power from the
starter battery when the vehicle engine is running and the D+ connection is
live. An AES/compressor refrigerator is powered by the leisure area battery
when the vehicle engine is not running.
The "Step" output is fused with a 15 A fuse and is supplied continually, even
when the main 12 V switch is OFF.
Maximum permitted charge current 14 A, protected with 15 A
Depending on the solar charge regulator used, either only the leisure area
battery is charged or the leisure area battery and the starter battery.
The awning light only works when the power supply is on, the vehicle engine
is off and the D+ connection is not live.
Date: 22.01.2016
9110476 BA / EN

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