Additional Functions; Use As An Exchange Device; Maintenance - Schaudt EBL 101 D Instruction Manual

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Automatic switch
function for
Step fuse
Battery charging with
solar charging regulator
811.554 BA / EN
Instruction Manual EBL 101 D / EBL 101 C with OVP

Additional functions

This relay supplies the AES/compressor refrigerator with power from the
starter battery when the vehicle engine is running and the D+ connection is
live. An AES/compressor refrigerator is powered by the living area battery
when the vehicle engine is not running.
The step output is protected by a self-resetting 15A fuse.
If a fault occurs, such as overcurrent, the self-resetting fuse interrupts the
relevant circuit.
After rectification of the fault, the fuse automatically resets after approx. 1
Maximum permitted charge current 14 A, protected with 15 A
Depending on the solar charge regulator used, either only the living area
battery is charged or the living area battery and the starter battery.

Use as an exchange device

Electroblocks EBL 101 D and EBL 101 C with OVP can be used as ex-
change devices for the EBL 100. The plug-and-socket connections of the old
device can all be used.
Some additional functions and plug connections of the EBL101 will however
remain without a function.


The Electroblock requires no maintenance.
Clean the Electroblock with a soft, slightly damp cloth and mild detergent.
Never use spirit, thinners or similar substances. Do not allow liquids to enter
the Electroblock.
No part of this manual may be reproduced, translated or copied without ex-
press written permission.
Date: 29.04.2010

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