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Location And Function Of Parts And Controls; Front Panel; Rear Panel - Sony CDU926S User Manual

Sony user's guide cd-r drive unit cdu926s
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Location and Function of Parts and Controls

Front Panel

Caddy insertion slot
Accepts a caddy loaded with a CD-ROM or CD-R disc.
Emergency eject hole
Insert a fine rod into this hole to eject a caddy manually in emergencies.
Eject button
Ejects the caddy from the drive unit.
Busy indicator
This indicator shows the unit's status in various phases of operation.
Seek, read and write:
When the power is turned on, the indicator lights up green.
Volume control
Controls the volume of the analog audio output provided via a
headphones jack.
Headphones jack
Provides two channel analog audio output.
Location and Function of Parts and Controls
CD Caddy
CD Caddy
Flashes amber
Lights up amber and stays lit

Rear Panel

Jumper block for SCSI bus
Specify assignment of the SCSI bus.
The terminator resistors are inserted into the sockets. Remove the
resistors when the SCSI bus is to be terminated externally.
Some models are shipped without terminators.
When installing the terminators, orient them so that the GND pin (the
end marked with a dot) is toward the right side of the socket.
Power-in connector
Connect to the power supply of the host computer.
SCSI bus interface connector
Connect to a SCSI host adapter using a connecting cable.
Audio output connector
Outputs analog audio signals.
See page 13 for detail.
Frame ground tab
Connect to one of the host computer's ground cables when the drive
frame is not in direct contact with the computer.
Location and Function of Parts and Controls



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