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Cd-rom drive unit
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Software Requirement

To access data on CD-ROM discs, the appropriate device driver and
MSCDEX or its equivalent must be installed in your computer.
The application software you need for using the data on a CD-ROM disc
depends on the type and format of the target data. See the manual supplied
with your CD-ROM disc for instructions.

Example of System Setup

To use the CD-ROM drive unit, the following components are required:
Computer (IBM PC, PC/XT, PC/AT, HP Vectra, or equivalent)
Floppy disk drive
IDE interface cable (40 to 40 pin flat cable)
Software (Device driver, Utilities)

Location and Function of Parts and Controls

Front Panel

Disc drawer
Accepts a CD-ROM disc on its tray.
Headphones jack
Accepts a stereo headphones set. Analog audio signals are output.
Volume control
Controls the volume level of sound output from the headphones jack
Busy indicator
This amber indicator lights up or flashes to indicate one of the
following unit conditions:
Steady lit:
TOC (table of contents) read, seek, data read
or audio playback in progress
Drawer in motion
Emergency eject hole
Used to open the disc drawer manually when neither the eject button
nor a software command works. Insert a pointed object, such as a paper
clip, into this hole and push.
Eject button
Opens and closes the disc drawer.
Location and Funktion of Parts and Controls

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents