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Ejecting A Caddy - Sony CDU926S User Manual

Sony user's guide cd-r drive unit cdu926s


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In such a case, eject the caddy and re-insert it properly. If the busy
indicator remains lit amber, consult your dealer or qualified service
personnel. The busy indicator also lights amber during audio play.
However, this is not a malfunction.

Ejecting a Caddy

Turn on the power supply.
Press the eject button on the drive unit.
The eject button does not work if it is disabled by the software.
To eject a caddy when the eject button is disabled by the software:
– Make sure that the jumper block's PREVENT/ALLOW is set to ON.
– Turn the power of your computer off, and turn it on again. (Or reset
the SCSI bus using a software command.)
Operating the Drive
Ejecting a caddy manually in an emergency
In the event of electrical or mechanical failure of the drive unit, a manual
emergency eject is provided to allow removal of the caddy from the drive
Turn off the power of your computer.
Insert a pointed object, such as a paper clip, into the emergency eject
hole, and push with hand. (Typical required force is 46 N [4.7 kg])
After removing the caddy from the drive unit, consult your dealer or
qualified service personnel.
at least 35 mm
at least
35 mm
Operating the Drive


Table of Contents

Table of Contents