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Closing The Computer; Installing The Software Driver - Sony CDU926S User Manual

Sony user's guide cd-r drive unit cdu926s
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If the CD-R drive is connected at the end of the SCSI chain, keep the
drive terminator mounted at the drive.
If the CD-R drive isn't the last device at the SCSI bus, remove the
termination from the CD-R drive and make sure that the last device at
the SCSI bus has a proper termination installed.
Be aware that the SCSI bus needs to be terminated at each end of the
SCSI bus cable.

Closing the Computer

Replace the cover on the computer, being careful to reinstall all
screws that were removed.
Replace the AC power cord and turn on your computer.
Installing the Drive Unit into the Computer

Installing the Software Driver

MSCDEX and the device driver for an ordinary SCSI CD-ROM drive can
be used when using the CDU926S as a SCSI CD-ROM drive.
Use the device driver for a CD-R drive when using the CDU926S as a
recordable drive.
Be sure to install the device driver before operating the drive. Refer to the
manual supplied with the host adapter for instructions.
Installing the Software Driver



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