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Operating The Drive; Starting Up; Ejecting A Caddy - Sony CDU924S User Manual

Cd-r drive unit
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Operating the Drive

Make sure that the application software is installed in the host computer
before using the drive.

Starting Up

Turn on the power supply.
Insert the caddy into the drive slot with the disc's label facing up, and
push it partially into the drive until the automatic loading mechanism
pulls the caddy in.
When inserting the caddy, let the automatic loading mechanism pull it into
the drive by itself. Do not hold onto the caddy or attempt to overpower the
loading mechanism.
The drive begins reading the Table of Contents (TOC) data. The busy
indicator lights amber while the TOC data is being read.
When the busy indicator changes to green, the drive is ready to receive
commands, and data may be retrieved from the disc.
After loading the CD-R disc, it takes a moment for the drive to become
ready while the Program Memory Area is read.
From here on, follow the instructions provided with the application
The drive unit does not allow a caddy to be inserted if:
– PREVENT/ALLOW of the jumper block is set to OFF.
– the host computer is set to the PREVENT mode by the software.
The busy indicator keeps on lighting amber if:
– the disc is not properly inserted.
– a malfunction occurs.
Operating the Drive
In such a case, eject the caddy and re-insert it properly. If the busy
indicator remains lit amber, consult your dealer or qualified service
personnel. The busy indicator also lights amber during audio play.
However, this is not a malfunction.

Ejecting a Caddy

Turn on the power supply.
Press the eject button on the drive unit.
The eject button does not work if it is disabled by the software.
To eject a caddy when the eject button is disabled by the software:
– Make sure that the jumper block's PREVENT/ALLOW is set to ON.
– Turn the power of your computer off, and turn it on again. (Or reset
the SCSI bus using a software command.)
Operating the Drive



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