Ejecting A Caddy; Troubleshooting; Checklist; Additional Installation Cases - Sony CDU948S User Manual

Cd-r drive unit
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Ejecting a Caddy

Turn on the computer's power supply.
Press eject button on the drive unit
Eject button does not function if software disabled.
To eject a caddy when physical eject is software disabled:
– Assure jumper block's PREVENT/ALLOW is set to ON.
– Switch computer off, then on or software reset SCSI bus.
Ejecting a caddy manually in an emergency
In the event of electrical or mechanical drive failure, a manual emergency
eject is provided to allow manual caddy removal.
Turn off the computer.
Insert a pointed object, perhaps a paper clip, into the emergency eject
hole and push (typical force required is 46 N [4.7 kg]).
After thus removing caddy, consult dealer or qualified service point.
Operating the Drive
CD Caddy
at least 35 mm


Should problems arise installing or operating the drive:
Please verify the steps of this manual were carefully followed.
If problem still exists, please confirm the items in "Checklist" below.


Please verify the following:
Power cable properly attached to drive, Step 8 on page 13.
When properly connected, the LED lights green.
Both ends of SCSI cable are properly attached, check pin 1 position.
SCSI ID# of CD-R is unique to SCSI bus. Compare all other SCSI
devices (internal and external) and see Step 2 – Step 5, pages 8-10.
Check all other jumpers on rear of drive. We recommend factory
defaults on pages 10 and 11 with a SCSI ID# 6 (if possible).
Assure SCSI bus is properly terminated or activated at both ends.
For details, please see Step 4, Termination, on page 9.
Should you still have problems operating or installing your CD-R drive,
please contact Hotline or local computer dealer.

Additional Installation Cases

No free SCSI connector present
If other SCSI devices occupy every bus connector, either remove a device
before installing CD-R drive or use a SCSI cable with more connectors.
Please contact local computer dealer for details.
68 Pin SCSI Cable
If only a wide SCSI cable (68 pin) exists in the computer, a 50 pin adapter
is necessary.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents