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Sharp FP-G50Y Operation Manual page 14

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Please read before operating your new Air Purifi er
The air purifi er draws in room air from the air intake, passes the air through a Pre-
Filter, a Deodorizing Filter and a HEPA Filter inside of the unit, then discharges the air
through the air outlet. The HEPA Filter can remove 99.97% of dust particles as small
as 0.3 microns that pass through the fi lter and also helps absorb odors.
The Deodorizing Filter gradually absorbs odors as they pass through the fi lter.
Some odors absorbed by the fi lters may break down over time, resulting in additional
odor. Depending on the usage environment, especially when the product is used in
extreme environments (significantly more severe than normal household use), this
odor may become strong in a shorter period than expected. If the odor persists, the
fi lters should be replaced.
• The air purifi er is designed to remove air-suspended dust and odor, but not harmful gases (for ex-
ample, carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke). If the source of the odor still exists, the air
purifi er may not completely remove the odor.
HEPA Filter
Deodorizing Filter
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OM_FP-G50Y_EN.indd 12
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