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Installation Procedure
iR6570/5570 Series
Feb 21 2005


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Installation Procedure iR6570/5570 Series Feb 21 2005...
  • Page 3 When changes occur in applicable products or in the contents of this manual, Canon will release technical information as the need arises. In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new edition of this manual.
  • Page 4 Introduction Symbols Used This documentation uses the following symbols to indicate special information: Symbol Description Indicates an item of a non-specific nature, possibly classified as Note, Caution, or Warning. Indicates an item requiring care to avoid electric shocks. Indicates an item requiring care to avoid combustion (fire). Indicates an item prohibiting disassembly to avoid electric shocks or problems.
  • Page 5 Introduction The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual: 1. Each chapter contains sections explaining the purpose of specific functions and the relationship between electrical and mechanical systems with reference to the timing of operation.  In the diagrams, represents the path of mechanical drive; where a signal name accompanies the symbol , the arrow indicates the direction of the electric signal.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents 第 1 章 Installation Procedure 1.1 Making Pre-Checks ............................... 2 1.1.1Selecting the Site ............................. 2 1.1.2Checking the Contents............................. 4 1.1.3Name of Parts ..............................7 1.2 Unpacking and Installation............................ 9 1.2.1Points to Note Before Starting the Work......................9 1.2.2Unpacking ............................... 9 1.2.3Installing the Scanner ............................
  • Page 8 Contents 1.7 Installing the NE Controller..........................40 1.7.1Installing the NE Controller-A1 ........................40 1.8 Installing the Original Holder ..........................42 1.8.1Checking the Contents ..........................42 1.8.2Installation Procedure ........................... 42 1.9 Installing the Cassette Heater ..........................44 1.9.1Checking the Contents ..........................44 1.9.2Turning Off the Host Machine ........................
  • Page 9 Chapter 1 Installation Procedure...
  • Page 10: Making Pre-checks

    Chapter 1   1.1 Making Pre-Checks 1.1.1 Selecting the Site 0008-8566 iR5570 / iR6570 The site must meet the following requirements; if possible, visit the user's premises before the machine is delivered. 1. The place must fall within the following ranges of temperature and humidity. The site must not be near a water faucet, water boiler, humidifier, or refrigerator.
  • Page 11 Chapter 1 4. Be sure that the machine's feet will keep in contact with the floor and the machine will remain level. 5. Be sure that the machine will be at least 10 cm from all walls, offering enough space for its use. -Without Options 100 mm or more 500mm...
  • Page 12: 2checking The Contents

    Chapter 1   Bad example[2] F-1-5 1.1.2 Checking the Contents 0009-6103 iR5570 / iR6570 Check to be sure that none of the following contents is missing:...
  • Page 13 [10] [11] [12] [14] [13] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [21] [20] F-1-6 T-1-1 Developing assembly Toner Bottle Grip Grip assembly cover (large) Latch face cover...
  • Page 14 Chapter 1   Grip assembly cover (small) Drum rotating tool Cassette size plate Cassette size label [10] Original size label [11] Non-inch block [12] Deck locking plate [13] Developing assembly locking plate unit [14] Wire saddle [15] Binding screw (M4X4) [16] Binding screw (M4X6) [17]...
  • Page 15: 3name Of Parts

    Chapter 1 1.1.3 Name of Parts 0009-4934 iR5570 / iR6570 [17] [16] [15] [14] [13] [12] [11] [10] F-1-7 [1]Feeder [2]Control panel [3]Toner exchange cover [4]Front cover [5]Front right deck [6]Cassette 3 [7]Cassette 4 [8]Front left deck [9]Left cover (Lower) [10]Environment switch [11]Cassette heater switch [12]Breaker...
  • Page 16 Chapter 1   [18] [19] [29] [20] [28] [21] [27] [22] [26] [23] [25] [24] F-1-8 [18]Reader right cover [19]Reader rear cover [20]Rear cover (Upper) [21]Right cover (Upper rear) [22]Rear cover (Lower) [23]Main power switch [24]Right cover (Lower rear) [25]Right cover (Lower) [26]Lower right cover [27]Manual feed tray cover [28]Manual feed tray...
  • Page 17: Unpacking And Installation

    Chapter 1 Unpacking 1.2.2 Unpacking 0008-7933 Installation iR5570 / iR6570 1) Open the shipping box, and remove the plastic 1.2.1 Points to Note Before covers. Starting the Work 2) Open the cardboard box attached, take a grip [1] out 0008-8038 of the box, and put it into the front of pickup iR5570 / iR6570 assembly.
  • Page 18 Chapter 1   enough to remove the pad. (The machine weight: pinholes of the skid to those of the slope plates, and Approx. 215kg) inlet the pin to the hole respectively. F-1-12 F-1-10 7) Hold the two grips (front/rear) of the main body, slide the main body on the slopes, and take it down 4) Hold the two grips at the pick-up assembly (front/ from the skid.
  • Page 19: 3installing The Scanner

    Chapter 1 Be sure to have the user keep the scanner screw since it is used when the machine is moved. 1.2.4 Installing the Fixing Assembly 0008-7946 iR5570 / iR6570 1) Turn the fixing feeder assembly release lever [1] in the direction of the arrow (left) to release the transfer/separation corona assembly.
  • Page 20: 5checking The Corona Assembly And The Dust-proofing Glass

    Chapter 1   F-1-18 F-1-16 5) Close the fixing delivery assembly 3) Remove the retaining tape of the tag [1] and open 1.2.5 Checking the Corona the fixing delivery assembly [2]. Assembly and the Dust- proofing Glass 0008-7948 iR5570 / iR6570 1) Detach the feeder assembly front cover (Right) [2] using the two screws [1].
  • Page 21 Chapter 1 (The fixing feeder assembly release lever remains released.) 7) Open the toner supply cover. 8) Remove the toner supply cover [2] using the two screws [1]. F-1-20 3) Pushing the front and the rear of the transfer/ F-1-22 separation corona assembly, pull out the assembly to the front and remove it in the direction of upper 9) Remove the connector cover [2] using the screw...
  • Page 22: 6installing The Developing Assembly

    Chapter 1   11) Loosen the screw [1], move the corona assembly fixture [2] to the direction of the arrow (upper right), and fix again. 12) Remove the connector [3] and pull out the primary corona assembly [4]. F-1-27 17) Check the dustproof glass, if necessary, clean it using the blower brush.
  • Page 23: 7installing The Pick-up Assembly

    Chapter 1 1) Open the manual feed tray cover [1], remove the When mounting the developing assembly, be aware to screw [2] from the door tape, and fully open the keep the developing cylinder from contact with the manual feed tray cover [1] sheet metal of the developing assembly support.
  • Page 24: 8installing The Deck Pressure Plate

    Chapter 1   F-1-34 F-1-32 3) After removing the spacers, close the deck/cassette and the lower right cover. 4) Attach the door tape of the manual feed tray cover When removing the spacer, move it to the right and using the screw, and close the tray cover. pull it out lifting the front side.
  • Page 25: 9setting Up The Toner Bottle

    Chapter 1 1.2.9 Setting Up the Toner Bottle 0008-8101 iR5570 / iR6570 1) Take out the toner bottle from the packing box. 2) Open the toner supply cover [1], and push down on the lock lever [2]. F-1-38 5) Pull up the lock lever [1] upward and fix the toner bottle [2].
  • Page 26: 11checking The Environment Switch

    Chapter 1   1) Attach the cable clip [1] in the package to the upper rear cover. F-1-42 1.2.11 Checking F-1-40 Environment Switch 0008-8102 2) Connect the reader communication cable [1] to the iR5570 / iR6570 reader unit [2], and clip the cable using the cable clip [3].
  • Page 27: 12turning On The Main Power

    Chapter 1 1.2.13 Stirring the Toner 0008-8071 iR5570 / iR6570 After waiting until the machine is ready for operation, supply the toner from the hopper to the developing unit by operating in service mode. 1) Start service mode. (Press the '*' key, '2' and '8' at the same time, and the * key once again.) F-1-43 2) Make the following selections:...
  • Page 28: 15index Paper Attachment

    Chapter 1   1.2.15 Index Paper Attachment 0009-6944 iR5570 / iR6570 1) Decide on either cassette 3 or 4 for use for index paper. Press the releasing button for the cassette, and slide it out to the front. F-1-44 Match the 2 one-touch supports [1] against the holes [2] in the cassette;...
  • Page 29: 17checking Images/operations, User Mode

    Chapter 1 Side registration (margin at the left edge of image): 2.5±1.5mm Leading edge registration (margin at the leading edge of image): 4.0+1.5mm/-1.0mm Refer [Adjusting Side Registration] [Adjusting Leading Edge Registration] if a result is out of specs. * If image density differs between left and right of a copy, adjust the height of the rear of the primary corona wire to correct.
  • Page 30: 18adjusting Side Registration

    Chapter 1   Paper size plate Cassette size label F-1-49 7) Put back each cassette to the machine. 1.2.18 Adjusting Side Registration 0008-8557 iR5570 / iR6570 F-1-50 <Cassette 3/4> 1) Press the release button to draw out the cassette 3/4. 4) Make sure that the side registration values (left 2) Loosen the 2 fixing screws [1] on both sides of the margins) of a copy made from the cassette 3/4 are...
  • Page 31 Chapter 1 backward to adjust. Backward: The side registration value (left margin) is decreased. Frontward: The side registration value (left margin) is increased. F-1-52 6) Put back the cassette 3/4 to the machine. 7) Perform the following service mode after the F-1-54 adjustment.
  • Page 32: 19adjusting Leading Edge Registration

    Chapter 1   1.2.20 Getting the Machine 1) Move the side plates [1] to the center. Loosen the 2 mounting screws [2] of the manual feed tray, and Ready for Installation 0008-8111 adjust the position of the manual feed tray. iR5570 / iR6570 <Storing the drum rotation tool and grip>...
  • Page 33 Chapter 1 F-1-63 <Attaching the service book holder> F-1-61 1) Remove the double-faced tape at the back of the service book holder [1], and attach the holder to the bottom of the machine. 2) Attach the right rear bottom cover with the 2 screws.
  • Page 34 Chapter 1   F-1-66 <Mounting the Touch Pen> F-1-64 1) Set the touch pen on the control panel. Prohibited area of affixation - Inside the machine (inside the front cover) - The area blocking the louver - The area blocking the grip F-1-67 <Steps after the machine gets ready for installation>...
  • Page 35: Checking The Connection To The Network

    Chapter 1 1.3 Checking the Connection to the Network 1.3.1 Overview 0008-8560 iR5570 / iR6570 Perform this procedure only when connecting the machine to networks. If user's network environment is TCP/IP, make sure using Ping that the network settings are properly made. If user's network environment is IPX/SPX or Apple Talk, you don't need to perform this procedure.
  • Page 36 4) If OK is displayed, it means that the machine is properly connected to networks. 5) If NG is displayed, it means that the machine is not properly connected to networks. Perform the following troubleshooting.
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting The Network

    Chapter 1 1.4 Troubleshooting the Network 1.4.1 Overview 0008-8563 iR5570 / iR6570 Perform this procedure only when connecting the machine to networks. If the machine fails to be connected to networks, any of the following causes is probable. a. Connection failure between networks and the machine b.
  • Page 38: Installing The Copy Tray

    Chapter 1   1.5 Installing the Copy Tray 1.5.1 Checking the Contents 0009-4378 iR5570 / iR6570 F-1-69 T-1-4 Delivery Bar 1 pc. Delivery Tray 1 pc. Magnet Catch 1 pc. delivery roll 2 pc. E ring 1 pc. 1.5.2 Turning Off the Host Machine 0009-4207 iR5570 / iR6570 Turning Off the Main Power...
  • Page 39: 3installation Procedure For The Copy Tray-l1

    Chapter 1 When turning off the main power, be sure to go through the following in strict sequence to protect the machine's hard disk: 1. Hold down on the power switch on the control panel for 3 sec or more. 2.
  • Page 40 Chapter 1   F-1-71 2) Fit the delivery roll [1] to the center pin [3] of the delivery roller [2] to attach, and fix the delivery roll with the E ring [4]. F-1-72 F-1-73 3) Attach the delivery roller guide with the 2 screws, and push the fixing feeder unit inside the machine. Close the front cover.
  • Page 41 Chapter 1 F-1-75 6) Attach the left cover (upper) with the 2 screws. 7) Attach the copy tray. 8) Attach the delivery bar [1]. F-1-76...
  • Page 42: Installing The Card Reader

    Chapter 1   1.6 Installing the Card Reader 1.6.1 Installation Procedure for the Card Reader 0009-2172 iR5570 / iR6570 The Card Reader Attachment-C2 is required to install the card reader. 1.6.2 Checking the Contents 0009-2174 iR5570 / iR6570 <Card Reader-C1> T-1-5 Card Reader-C1 1 pc.
  • Page 43: 3turning Off The Host Machine

    Chapter 1 T-1-6 Card Reader Mount 1 pc. Joint Plate 1 pc. Screw (M4x6) 1 pc. RS Tightening Screw (M4x10) 2 pc. F-1-78 1.6.3 Turning Off the Host Machine 0009-3050 iR5570 / iR6570 Turning Off the Main Power When turning off the main power, be sure to go through the following in strict sequence to protect the machine's hard disk: 1.
  • Page 44: 4installation Procedure

    Chapter 1   F-1-79 1.6.4 Installation Procedure 0009-2212 iR5570 / iR6570 1) Remove the 2 screws [1], and detach the right cover (upper) [2]. F-1-80 2) Attach the card reader mount [1] with the 2 screws [2] included in the package.
  • Page 45 Chapter 1 F-1-81 3) Attach the card reader to the joint plate [1] with the screw and binding washer [2] included in the package. F-1-82 4) Pass the card reader cable [1] through the hole [2] of the card reader mount. F-1-83 5) Attach the card reader with the joint plate attached [1] to the card reader mount using the screw [2] included in the package.
  • Page 46 Chapter 1   F-1-84 6) Detach the cable [1] from the machine. F-1-85 7) Connect the card reader cable to the connector [1]. F-1-86 8) Pass the card reader cable [1] through the 2 clamps [2].
  • Page 47 Chapter 1 F-1-87 9) Cut off the area [1] of the right cover (upper) shown in the fig. below using nippers. F-1-88 10) Attach back the right cover (upper) detached in step 1). 11) Connect the power cable to a receptacle. 12) Turn on the main power switch, and check the indication requesting for setting the control card.
  • Page 48: Installing The Ne Controller

    Chapter 1   1.7 Installing the NE Controller 1.7.1 Installing the NE Controller-A1 0009-2246 iR5570 / iR6570 The following are installation steps specific to iR6570/5570 series. Refer to the Installation Manual included with the NE controller-A1 for various settings, operations check, and points to note.
  • Page 49 Chapter 1 F-1-90 5) Attach the controller [1] to the rear upper cover with the 4 screws [2]. (Use the screws included with the NE controller-A1.) F-1-91 6) Refer to the Installation Manual for the NE controller-A1, and make various settings and check operations.
  • Page 50: Installing The Original Holder

    Chapter 1   1.8 Installing the Original Holder 1.8.1 Checking the Contents 0009-2111 iR5570 / iR6570 F-1-92 T-1-7 Document Tray 1 pcs. Stepped Screw (M4, approx. 31mm in length) 2 pcs. Stepped Screw (M4, approx. 33mm in length) 2 pcs. To attach the document tray.
  • Page 51 Chapter 1 F-1-94 If it is difficult to attach the document table, loosen the 2 stepped screws once, and tighten them back after attaching the document tray.
  • Page 52: Installing The Cassette Heater

    Chapter 1   1.9 Installing the Cassette Heater 1.9.1 Checking the Contents 0009-4368 iR5570 / iR6570 F-1-95 T-1-8 Heater Unit FM2-4182-000 1 pc. Cassette Stay FB2-7052-000 1 pc. Screws (M4x6) XB1-2400-609 6 pc. 1.9.2 Turning Off the Host Machine 0009-4371 iR5570 / iR6570 Turning Off the Main Power When turning off the main power, be sure to go through the following in strict sequence to protect the machine's hard...
  • Page 53: 3mounting The Cassette Heater

    Chapter 1 F-1-96 1.9.3 Mounting the Cassette Heater 0009-2431 iR5570 / iR6570 Be sure to disconnect the power plug before starting the work. 1) Open the cable clamp [1], and disconnect the reader unit communications cable [2].
  • Page 54 Chapter 1   F-1-97 2) Remove the 6 screws [1], and detach the upper rear cover [2]. F-1-98 3) Remove the 6 screws [1], and detach the lower rear cover [2] from the bottom of the machine. F-1-99...
  • Page 55 Chapter 1 4) Remove the 3 screws [1], and disconnect the connector [2]; then, detach the heat discharge fan [3] together with the filter. F-1-100 5) Press the release button [1], and slide out the cassette 4 [2]. F-1-101 6) Lift the inside unit [1] of the cassette 4 to detach. F-1-102 7) Likewise, detach the inside unit of the cassette 4.
  • Page 56 Chapter 1   8) Hook the claw [A] found at the tip on the long hole [B] of the machine; then, fit the cassette stay [1] in place. F-1-103 Check to make sure that the claw [A] of the cassette stay is securely in place from the machine rear. F-1-104 9) Secure the cassette stay [2] in place from the rear of the machine using 2 screws [1].
  • Page 57 Chapter 1 F-1-105 10) Secure the cassette stay [2] in place from the front of he machine using 2 screws [1]. F-1-106 11) Lead the cassette heater connector [1] through the long hole [A]. At the same time, hook the metal plate [B] of the rear of the cassette heater [2] on the hole [C] of the cassette stay.
  • Page 58 Chapter 1   F-1-107 12) Lift the cassette heater [1] until it butts against the machine; then, secure it in place using the 2 included screws [2]. F-1-108 13) Connect the cassette heater connector [1] to the connecter [2] of the machine.
  • Page 59 Chapter 1 F-1-109 14) Mount the removed delivery fan, filter, lower rear cover, upper rear cover, and reader unit communications cable back in place. 15) Fit the inside units back inside the cassettes; then, put the cassettes back in the machine. 16) Connect the power plug, and turn on the machine's main power switch.
  • Page 61 Feb 21 2005...

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