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Maintenance; Storage - Craftsman 486.245315 Owner's Manual

15 gallon 35 psi sprayer
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• Determine the approximate square footage of the
area to be sprayed. Use this amount to estimate
the number of gallons that will be required, based
on product recommendations. This can help avoid
unneeded solution left in the tank.
• Determine the application rate (gallons per 1,000
sq. feet or gallons per acre) based on the chemical
manufacturers recommendations.
• Use the tip chart on page 9 to determine what ground
speed will achieve the recommended application rate.
• To determine the throttle setting for attaining the
desired ground speed, mark off 100, 200 and 300
feet intervals. The speed chart at the bottom of
page 9 indicates the number of seconds it takes to
travel these distances. Set the throttle and, with a
running start, travel the distances in the number of
seconds indicated by the speed chart. Once you have
determined the throttle and gear settings needed,
mark the throttle location so that you can easily
resume the same speed after stopping.
• Add the chemical solution to the tank, following the
product instructions.
• Read and follow the maintenance schedule and the maintenance procedures listed in this section.
Fill in dates as you
complete regular service.
Check for loose fasteners
Clean tank
Before each use make a thorough visual check of
the sprayer for any bolts and nuts which may have
loosened. Retighten any loose bolts and nuts.
• After use, fill the tank part way with water, start the
sprayer and allow clear water to be pumped through
the plumbing system and out through the boom
assembly and the handgun. Use the handgun to
thoroughly wash all internal parts of the tank, the
outside of the tank and the boom.
• Refill the tank about half full with plain water and
a chemical neutralizer and repeat the cleaning
instructions above. Flush the entire sprayer with the
neutralizing agent. Follow the chemical manufacturers
instructions for disposal of all wash or rinsing water.
Oil the wheels at least once a season.
• Drive to the starting place for spraying.
• Set the boom in position for spraying.
• Set the throttle at the position determined in the 4th
step. Reach back and flip the pump/motor switch to
the "ON" position to start spraying.
• Stay clear of flowers, shrubs and evergreen trees
when spraying weed control solutions to prevent
contact of the solution with these sensitive plants.
Do not allow chemicals to sit in pump for extended
times of idleness. Some chemicals will damage the
pump valve if allowed to soak untreated for a length
of time. Always flush the pump with water after each
use. See the instructions for cleaning the tank in the
maintenance section for flushing and disposal of
CAUTION: Wear eye protection, gloves
and protective clothing when handling
and working with lawn chemicals.
• Periodically clean the strainer in the end of the intake
hose at the bottom of the tank. Remove the nylon
swivel nut from the hose, pull out the screen and flush
it with clear water.
• Periodically clean the strainers in the boom nozzles.
Remove the nozzle, pull out the screen and flush it
with clear water.
• Drain all water out of the sprayer, paying special
attention to the pump and handgun. These items
are especially prone to damage from chemicals and
freezing weather.
• The sprayer should be winterized before storage by
pumping a 50-50 solution of water and R. V. antifreeze
through the entire plumbing. Proper care and
maintenance will prolong the life of the sprayer.
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