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Craftsman 486.245332 Owner's Manual

25 gallon 70 psi sprayer
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Model No. 486.245332
For Missing Parts or Assembly
Questions Call 1-866-576-8388
Most fasteners are readily available
through any hardware store
Before using this product,
this manual and follow alt Safety
Rules and Operating
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179
www.sears com/cra ftsma n
FORM NO. 40171 (1/06)



Summary of Contents for Craftsman 486.245332

  • Page 1 Owner's Manual 25 GALLON DO NOT RETURN TO STORE 70 PSi SPRAYER For Missing Parts or Assembly Questions Call 1-866-576-8388 Model No. 486.245332 Most fasteners are readily available through any hardware store Safety Assembly CAUTION: Operation Before using this product, read Maintenance this manual and follow alt Safety...
  • Page 2: Date Of Purchase

    SAFETY RULES .............. STORAGE ..............FULLSIZEHARDWARE CHART ........TROUBLESHOOTING ........... CARTON CONTENTS ............. REPAIR PARTS ILLUSTRATION ........ASSEMBLY ..............REPAIR PARTS LIST............ OPERATION ..............PARTS ORDERING/SERVICE ....... Back Cover MAINTENANCE ............ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY When operated and maintained according to the instructions supplied with it, if this Sprayer fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, call 1-8OO-4-MY-HOME®...
  • Page 3 SHOWN FULL SIZE NOT SHOWN FULL SiZE QTY, DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Hex Bolt, 5/16" x 2" Hair Cotter Pin Hex Bolt, 5/16" x 1-1/4" Cotter Pin Knob Carriage Bolt, 5/16" x 1-1/4" Screw, #10 x 3/8" Spray Gun Clip, Small Nut, 5/16" (SEMS) Spray Gun Clip, Large Nut, Nylock 5/16"...
  • Page 4: Carton Contents

    CARTON CONTENTS 1 Lid 6. SprayGunAssembly 2 Tank 7. Axle 3 Return/Bypass Hose(may beassembled t otank) 8. HitchArms(2) 4 BoomAssembly 9. HitchBrackets ( 2) 5 BoomMount B racket 10 Wheels (2) TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY (2) 1/2" Wrenches (1) Screwdriver (1) Pliers (1) Hammer STEP 1: (BEE FIGURE 1)
  • Page 5 STEP 2: (SEE FIGURE 2 AND 1) STEP 4: (SEE FIGURE 4) • Slide the axle through the two axle brackets. Fasten the ends of the hitch arms together using two • Assemble a spacer (R), a 3/4" washer (H), a wheel 5/16"...
  • Page 6 STEP 6: (SEE FIGURE 6) STEP 8: (SEE FIGURE 8) • Assemble the boom bars to the boom mount bracket Insert a garden hose gasket (T) into the swivel nut on the bypass/return hose. Screw the nut onto the upper using two 5/16"...
  • Page 7 STEP 9: (SEE FIGURE 9 AND 10) Attach the sprayer to the tractor hitch and connect the wiring to the tractor battery. The red wire must be connected to the positive post on the battery or to the "HOT" connection on a tractor switch or ammeter The brown wire may be grounded or connected to the negative battery post IMPORTANT:...
  • Page 8: Know Your Sprayer

    KNOW YOUR SPRAYER Read this owner's manual and safety rules before operating your sprayer. Compare the illustration below with your sprayer to familiarize yourseff with the various controls and their locations. PRESSURE GAUGE BYPASS VALVE ADJUSTABLE SPRAY ON-OFF BOOM VALVE GUN NOZZLE ON-OFF PUMP SWITCH ON-OFF...
  • Page 9 USING THE SPRAYER HOW TO USE YOUR SPRAYER 1. Determine the application rate (gallons per 1,000 sq feet or gallons per acre) based on the chemical BEFORE STARTING manufacturers recommendations Use this rate to help It is important to test the boom and spray gun with plain select the pressure setting and tractor speed in the water before using chemicals This will enable you to following instructions...
  • Page 10: Tip Chart

    U.S. GALLON TIP CHART Spray Pressure Tip Capacity GALLONS PER ACRE(BASED ON WATER) Height US Gallons inches Per Minute 1 MPH 2MPH 3MPH 4MPH 5MPH 75MPH 10MPH 44.2 11.1 13" 15.7 12.6 76.8 19.3 15.4 GALLON } PER 1000 SQ FT. BASED ON WATER Spray Pressure Tip Capacity...
  • Page 11 CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES Read and follow the maintenance schedule and the maintenance procedures listed in this section. F,,,°d e osyou Service Dates complete regular service Check for loose fasteners Flush the tank Cleaning the strainers Lubrication CHECK FOR LOOSE FASTENERS CLEANING STRAINERS Before each use make a thorough visual check of At least once a season, clean the strainer in the end...
  • Page 12 PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Pump motor cycles on and off rapidly. System pressure is reaching Decrease the system pressure by (OK for short periods of time) maximum setting of pump's pressure increasing the opening of the bypass switch, valve Pressure too low 1.
  • Page 13 NOTES...
  • Page 14 REPAIR PARTS FOR 25 GALLON 70 PSi SPRAYER MODEL 486,245332 66 30_61 ."...
  • Page 15 REPAIR PARTS FOR 25 GALLON 70 PSi SPRAYER MODEL 486,245332 PART DESCRIPTION PART QTY. DESCRIPTION 46283 45029 Strainer, Screen Type Tank (25 Gal.) 45015 45037 Nut, Screen Body Pump and Motor 46278 47396 Elbow, Plastic 11/16"Thd Hose, 1/2" ID (24" Lg) 45021 726-0178 NylonTie...
  • Page 16 Your Home For repair-in your home-of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter made it, no matter sold For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances and items like garage...