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Daily Cleaning Touch Control; Touch Control Step; Dial Control Step - Electrolux Air-O-Steam - Dial Control 6-1/1 Cleaning And Maintenance Manual

Daily cleaning. monthly cleaning.
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Touch Control Step 1

Allow oven to cool prior to cleaning. DO NOT use water to cool the oven
Check chemical level in the chemical containers below the control panel.
Top up levels if required (minimum 1/3rd of tray)
Pull drawer out towards operator until it allows access to blue and red
lids. Red (right) is oven cleaner, Blue (left) is rinse aid
Remove lids and fill with appropriate product*. Re-fit lids, ensure lids are
secure. (Stoddart recommended chemicals, see order form on Page 11)
Push drawer back into position under the oven
* Cleaning product must not exceed 10% Sodium
Hydroxide. Exceeding 10% Sodium Hydroxide will
Touch Control Step 2
Ensure Temperature probe is placed in holder to avoid any damage.
Remove all trays and grid racks (to be cleaned separately)
Using a clean damp cloth, clean the door seal and all external surfaces
Remove any loose soil from the oven cavity and around the drain*
For hard to remove soil, spray undiluted oven cleaner onto soiled areas.
Close the oven door. Allow 10-15 minutes for oven cleaner to dissolve
Run appropriate cleaning cycle. This must be done to wash and remove
all oven cleaner residue from the oven
* Do not push/force solid waste into the drain.
This is to prevent blockages and possible back-flow.
Touch Control Step 3
To Enter the Cleaning modes press the "Manual" tab on the main screen.
Select "Cleaning" from the drop down menu.
Select the required cleaning cycle from the "Cleaning" menu. By default
the oven is set to "Medium". Assess how soiled the oven is, then select
the appropriate wash cycle:
Soft: For still fresh grime from minimal greasy cooking
Medium: For normal grime from average greasy cooking
Strong: For heavy grime from above average greasy cooking
Extra Strong: For heavy grime from extremely greasy cooking
If desired select one of the Green Spirit functions:
Skip rinse-aid: Skipping rinse-aid can leave traces of water in
compartment after cleaning
Skip drying: Use if cooking is to start soon after cleaning.
It is necessary to open oven door after cleaning, to air the oven
Reduce water consumption: make sure an efficient ventilation system
is installed. Reduction occurs by deactivation of steam suppression
Press "Start" to begin cleaning cycle. The cleaning cycle will begin
automatically when the oven reaches 70°C in the compartment.
Note: Cycle duration - e.g. 2:30 = 2 hours and 30 minutes
Should the cleaning cycle be interrupted or stopped a mandatory rinse
cycle will be performed to remove any residual detergent
void warranty.
Daily Cleaning - Touch Control
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Oven Cleaner
Rinse Aid
Green Spirit
Extra Strong
Green Spirit
Skip rinse-aid
Skip drying
Reduce water consumption
Extra Strong
Due to continuous product research and development,
the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.



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