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Cleaning And Maintenance - Important Information; Safety Information; Cleaning And Maintenance - Schedule; Touch Control Step - Electrolux Air-O-Steam - Dial Control 6-1/1 Cleaning And Maintenance Manual

Daily cleaning. monthly cleaning.


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Cleaning and Maintenance - Important Information

All Electrolux ovens come standard with an automatic cleaning function, this should be used frequently before soil build up occurs. Before running this
automatic cycle, ensure that the cleaning fluid levels are at a sufficient level.
Visual inspections of the oven should be done while performing cleaning operations. Check for any soil build up, damage, loose or removed parts or signs
of scale.
DO NOT use abrasive pads or cleaners on any parts of the appliance.
DO NOT use cleaning products that exceed 10% Sodium Hydroxide. Exceeding 10% Sodium Hydroxide will void your warranty and can cause corrosion
of plastic and metal components.
DO NOT use chlorinated bleach cleaners, even if diluted.
DO NOT hose a hot oven to cool it down.
Combi oven must cool before cleaning or maintenance. Never use water to cool the unit.
Boiler descale is for Air-O-Steam Models. It should be performed as frequently as required and at least every 6 months.
Water filtration is critical. Filter cartridges MUST be replaced periodically. Failure to do so will void your warranty. (Frequency will depend on your water
quality and type of filtration system, see page 9).
Ensure temperature probe is placed in the holder. Be careful not to damage probe during cleaning, maintenance and normal operation.

Safety Information

Wait until the unit has cooled to a safe temperature
before undertaking any cleaning or maintenance.
Contact with hot surfaces can cause burns and
Check all work cleaning and maintenance practices comply with industry safety standards.

Cleaning and Maintenance - Schedule

Daily Cleaning
Monthly Cleaning
Replace Water Filtration
Due to continuous product research and development,
the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
Read through the User Manual before performing
any cleaning or maintenance procedures.
serious injury.
To be performed Daily at end of shift
To be performed Monthly at end of shift. (May need to be performed more regularly depending on usage
e.g. Every two weeks) Monthly Cleaning is to be performed in conjunction with daily cleaning.
To be performed every six months. (Performed with booked service)
To be performed a minimum of every six months or more frequently if required. The oven will alert you if
descale is required more frequently. This can be performed with the scheduled programmed maintenance.
To be performed a minimum of every six months (every twelve months for the Reverse Osmosis
Membrane) or more frequently if required. The frequency of filter changes will depend on your water quality
and filtration system.
This can be performed with the scheduled programmed maintenance.
Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment
and clothing when using cleaning chemicals.
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Contact with chemical can cause
burns and serious injury.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents