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Programmed Maintenance; Inspection; Chamber Lamp Replacement; Rotating Jet - Electrolux Air-O-Steam - Dial Control 6-1/1 Cleaning And Maintenance Manual

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Programmed Maintenance


Programmed maintenance (servicing) of the oven should be completed
every six months. This will ensure your oven is running at a satisfactory
standard at all times and will identify any areas the oven may require
attention before an issue occurs. To organise a service contact the
Stoddart Service Department
Inspect oven cavity for:
Scale or Corrosion: If scale or corrosion is present this can be a
indication of poor water quality.
Check if your water filter needs replacing (see Page 9).
For information on a Reverse Osmosis unit contact your local Stoddart
Door Seal: Check door seal for cracks/splits and or deterioration and
replace if necessary. See Page 11 for replacement details

Chamber Lamp Replacement

If the oven chamber lamp wears out, replace as follows:
Isolate the appliance from the power supply
Unscrew the four screws fixing flange "A" and remove glass shield "B"
together with seal "C"
Check the seal "C" for any damage or wear, replace if necessary
Remove halogen lamp "D" and fit an equivalent lamp with identical
characteristics (12V - 10W - 300°C). Important: do not touch the new
lamp with your fingers, wrap it in paper or a clean dry cloth when fitting
Refit the glass shield with the seal then smear food grade silicone
grease on the front and rear face of the seal
Refit the seal into the lamp recess and secure the flange using the four
See Page 11 for replacement details

Rotating Jet

Rotating wash arm must be clear of scale and other build up to ensure
proper operation. If scale or other build up is present or rotating arm
does not move freely, remove for cleaning
Using a flat-head screw driver extract (without removing) the retaining
clip "A" from the middle block of the rotating arm
Remove the rotating arm from the from the rotation pin
If the nozzles are completely obstructed, use a small screwdriver or
blade to remove any scale build up
Submerge the rotating arm in a container of pure white vinegar, leave
over night
Thoroughly rinse the rotating arm with water
Re-insert the rotating arm over the rotating pin, press the retaining clip
"A" into position

Oven Cavity Descale (All Models)

Only if scale is present in oven cavity perform this step
If scale is present in oven cavity it is also recommended to descale the
boiler (compatible models only)
Ensure oven chamber is lower than 50°C. Using a de-scaling agent (
pure white vinegar or Ecolab Lime Away*), spray the entire inside surface
of the oven chamber. Close oven door and allow 5-10 minutes for
chemical to dissolve the scale build up
Run an appropriate cleaning cycle to ensure all chemical is removed
from the oven
* For use of hazardous descaling chemical it is
recommended for only trained staff or
a service technician to perform this task
Due to continuous product research and development,
the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
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