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Battery Removal And Installation; Remove The Battery; Install The Battery - IBM Slicestor 2212A Appliance Manual

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Battery removal and installation

Battery removal
To remove the Onboard battery, follow these steps:
1. Power off your system and unplug your power cable.
2. Locate the Onboard battery, as shown in the figure.
3. Using a tool such as a pen or a small screwdriver, push the battery lock outwards to unlock it. When
unlocked, the battery pops out from the holder.
4. Remove the battery, as shown in the following figure.
Figure 22. Remove the battery
Handle used batteries carefully. Do not damage the battery in any way; a damaged battery can release
hazardous materials into the environment. Do not discard a used battery in the garbage or a public
landfill. Refer to the IBM Systems Environmental Notices for battery disposal guidelines.
Battery installation
To install an Onboard battery, follow these steps:
1. Identify the battery's polarity. The positive (+) side must be facing up.
2. Insert the battery into the battery holder. Push it down until you hear a click to ensure that the
battery is securely locked, as shown in the following figure.
Figure 23. Install the battery
Be sure to replace the battery with the same type only.
Chapter 5. Field replaceable or upgrade units



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