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Document Information - IBM Slicestor 2212A Appliance Manual

Cloud object storage system
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Document information

Intended purpose and audience
This manual contains the instructions for installing and maintaining the Slicestor
audience for this guide consists of those individuals responsible for installing IBM Cloud Object Storage
v The equipment and device described for installation herein are sophisticated and relatively complex to
install. The party or parties installing the equipment must be familiar with installations of computer
hardware and disk drives prior to attempting this installation. Only personnel proficient in working
with computer hardware and disk drives should attempt to install this appliance.
v After all appliances have been installed in the rack, refer to the Appliance Configuration Guide to
configure the appliance settings required prior to setting up the system.
v After these appliances are configured, refer to the System Manager Administration Guide for information
about how to configure, operate, and maintain your system.
v Both the Appliance Configuration Guide and the System Manager Administration Guide assume that all
necessary appliances for the system are installed in the rack.
© Copyright IBM Corp. 2016, 2018
2212A appliance. The



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