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Chapter 1. Appliance Safety Precautions; Physical; Electrical - IBM Slicestor 2212A Appliance Manual

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Chapter 1. Appliance safety precautions

Observe physical, electrical, and electronic component safety precautions.
An electrical outlet that is not correctly wired could place hazardous voltage on the
metal parts of the system or the devices that attach to the system. It is the responsibility of the
customer to ensure that the outlet is correctly wired and grounded to prevent an electrical shock.
Multiple power cords. The product might be equipped with multiple power cords. To
remove all hazardous voltages, disconnect all power cords. (L003)


Ensure that your equipment rack is placed in a dust-free, well-ventilated area close to an uninterruptible
power supply (UPS). Leave enough room behind and around the rack for services and sufficient airflow.
v Keep the area around the appliance clean and free of clutter.
v Place the appliance top cover and any appliance components that were removed away from the
appliance or on a table so that they do not accidentally get damaged.
v While you are working on the appliance, do not wear loose clothing such as neckties and unbuttoned
shirt sleeves. They can retain a charge even if you are wearing a wrist strap, or could be pulled into a
v After you access the inside of the appliance, close the appliance and secure it to the rack unit with the
retention screws after you ensure that all connections are made.
v Close the rack's front door and all panels and components on the appliances when not servicing to
maintain proper cooling.


Basic electrical safety precautions must be followed to protect yourself and the appliance:
v Do not work alone with high-voltage components.
v Be aware of the locations of the power switch on the appliance and the room's emergency power-off
switch, disconnection switch, or electrical outlet. If an electrical accident occurs, quickly remove power
from the system.
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