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Removing A Drive From The Chassis; Extending The Handle For A Drive From The - IBM Slicestor 2212A Appliance Manual

Cloud object storage system
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Figure 18. Removing a drive from the chassis
3. Insert the new data drive into the open slot in the front of the appliance.
4. Close the drive carrier by using the drive carrier handle.
Replace an operating system drive
1. Log in to the device as localadmin.
2. At the command prompt, type poweroff.
3. After the appliance is powered off, remove the power cord and network cables from the back of the
4. Press the release button on the drive carrier. This action extends the carrier handle, as shown in the
following figure.
Figure 19. Extending the handle for a drive from the chassis
5. Pull the drive carrier out of the chassis by using the handle.
IBM Cloud Object Storage System: Slicestor 2212A Appliance Manual 3401-S10/3403-S10



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