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Removing A Drive From The Chassis - IBM Slicestor 2212A Appliance Manual

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Figure 20. Removing a drive from the chassis
6. Insert the new OS drive into the open slot in the rear of the appliance.
7. Close the drive carrier by using the drive carrier handle.
8. Plug in the power cable and network cables.
9. Power on the appliance.
Install an operating system on a drive
Note: To install an operating system (OS) on a drive, you need a USB flash drive, a computer that is
running a Linux OS, a VGA-capable monitor, and a USB keyboard.
The following procedure destroys any existing data on the USB flash drive.
1. Download the installation ISOs from IBM.
2. Insert the USB flash drive into the computer.
3. Determine the name of this drive.
4. Determine that the drive is not mounted.
5. Copy the ClevOS ISO to the USB flash drive.
#dd if=/{path}/{ClevOS}.iso of=/dev/{drivename} bs=1M
6. When copying is done, remove the USB flash drive from the computer.
7. Power down the device on which you want to install the OS.
v If the device is in an unresponsive state, it can be powered down by PDU or by removing the
power cables.
v If the device is still responding, do the following steps.
a. Log in to the device as localadmin.
b. At the command prompt, type poweroff/
8. Attach the USB keyboard and VGA monitor to the device.
9. Insert the USB flash drive in the remaining USB port.
10. Restart the machine while pressing F11 to enter the boot menu.
11. In the boot menu, select USB Key and press Enter. The device loads the operating system, and the
installer appears.
12. In the installer, choose OS only install. When installation completes, the device reboots.
13. After the device reboots, remove the USB flash drive.
Chapter 5. Field replaceable or upgrade units



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