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Chapter 3. Install The Appliance Into A Rack; Prepare For Installation; Appliance Location Considerations - IBM Slicestor 2212A Appliance Manual

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Chapter 3. Install the appliance into a rack

Many racks are on the market, which means that the assembly procedure might differ slightly. This rail
fits a rack between 27.5" and 34.5" deep.

Prepare for installation

Assemble tools
A #2 Phillips screwdriver is needed to install and secure the rails to the appliance.
Wear a set of leather work gloves when you are racking the appliance. They help to get a grip on the
appliance and avoid injury from any metal edges.
Do not use of any sort of hammer to secure the rails on the appliance. A hammer can damage the
drives within the chassis and possibly void the warranty.
Choose a setup location
Decide on a suitable location for the rack unit that holds your appliance.
Table 4. Appliance location considerations
Restricted access location
Clean environment
Ambient operating temperature If installed in a closed or multi-unit rack assembly, the ambient operating
Sufficient airflow
Mechanical loading
Circuit overloading
Reliable ground
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Install this appliance in a physically secure, limited access location only, such as a
service closet or data center.
Situate it in a clean, well-ventilated, dust-free area.
temperature of the rack environment might be greater than the ambient
temperature of the room. Install the equipment in an environment compatible with
the maximum rated ambient temperature (TMRA) for the appliance.
Mount the equipment into a rack so that the amount of airflow that is required for
safe operation is not compromised. Leave enough clearance in front of the rack to
open the front door completely (36 inches). Leave about 36 inches of clearance
behind the rack for sufficient airflow and ease in servicing.
Mount the equipment into a rack so that a hazardous condition does not arise due
to uneven mechanical loading. Install heavier items into the bottom of the
equipment rack to keep the rack stable. Mount equipment in a rack evenly to
prevent a later hazard.
Give considreation to the connection of the equipment to the power supply
circuitry and the effect that any possible overloading of circuits might have on
overcurrent protection and power supply wiring. Appropriate consideration of
equipment nameplate ratings should be used when addressing this concern.
Note: The maximum current draw is printed on a label on the appliance power
supplies. The system might draw more than 15 Amps at startup (inrush current).
A reliable ground must be maintained always. To ensure grounding, the rack itself
must be grounded. Particular attention should be given to power supply
connections other than the direct connections to the branch circuit, such as the use
of power strips.



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