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Attaching The Sections Of The Rack Inner Rails - IBM Slicestor 2212A Appliance Manual

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Figure 5. Retracting the outer rail
Attach the inner rails to the appliance
1. Place the right inner rail on the right side of the appliance, making sure that the rail faces "outward"
in the proper orientation so that it slides into the right outer rail.
2. Make sure that the inner rail screw holes and tabs are properly aligned with the matching screw holes
and tab locators on the appliance.
3. Install the inner rail to the appliance by aligning the key holes on the rail with the studs on the side
of the appliance.
4. Slide the inner rail towards the front of the appliance to hold it in place.
5. Secure the rail to the appliance with the screws that are provided in the rail kit, as shown in the
following figure.
Figure 6. Attaching the sections of the rack inner rails
6. Repeat these steps for the left inner rail.
Install the outer rails
1. Measure the distance from the front rail to the rear rail of the rack.
2. Extend the left outer rail so that it fits snugly into the allotted distance.
3. Adjust both the short and long brackets to the proper distance so that the rail can fit snugly into the
4. Align the front tabs of the outer rail with the holes in the rack post, as shown in the following figure.
IBM Cloud Object Storage System: Slicestor 2212A Appliance Manual 3401-S10/3403-S10



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