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Part Ii: Installation Instructions - Whirlpool WDC 1070SL Service Manual

10kg capacity
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Part II: Installation Instructions

2.1 Electrical connection
You must use a reliable grounded outlet
Not allowed to use the drag strip, multi-purpose socket
Power lines can only be replaced by a qualified electrician
Electrical connections must be in accordance with local regulations
When heating the washing and drying washing machine maximum operating current of 10A, and families must
ensure that the electrical outlet power supply system to meet the required load.
2.2 Remove the transport screws
1) Using the supplied wrench (depending on model), the direction shown by an arrow loosen transport
2) Move hex wrench horizontally to the round opening.
3) Pull the screw, washer and plastic retainer out at the same time.
4) To ensure safety, reduce noise, use the supplied plastic cover goes in the direction shown until it clicks.
Important notice:
1) Remove the shipping screws do not damage the washing machine.
2) Washing machine weighing more than 55 kilograms, then you need two or more transport
3) Save transport screws and wrenches to use the washing machine when handling the future. The above in
reverse order to re-secure the transport screws.