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Part V: Troubleshooting Index - Whirlpool WDC 1070SL Service Manual

10kg capacity
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Part V: Troubleshooting Index

5. 1 Maintenance Precautions
(1) Do not jump to conclusions. The necessary checks are indispensable, such as water supply, power supply is
turned on, etc.
(2) The use of the user should first ask in order to determine whether it is normal and correct
(3) Do not rush to disassemble, inspect first step. For example, select a single dewatering to detect drainage,
dewatering function is normal or not, etc.
(4) Note that specification disassemble operation. Programmable fault judgment, motor and other major
components, the replacement must be cautious
Note that the use of tools and safety place. Avoid leaving tools in the user's home; avoid putting themselves at
unnecessary injuries or harm as well as damage to the user's items.
5. 2 Troubleshooting Index
(1) dehydration machine vibration, noise loud part of the solution
a. As the vibration due to the machine caused by unstable place, please put the machine steady
b. If the bottom of the machine due pad items like wooden resonance caused, please steppin was removed
c. If due to lack of space around the machine placed cause resonance, may elect a comparative test machine to the
user, and please re-election
Elective position or adjust the machine placed placed
d. If not shake loose clothing because the drums, vibration caused by uneven, especially single piece of heavy
cotton fabric, please rearrange clothing
e. As the boom caused by excessive vibration, replace the boom
f. As the vibration damper caused excessive damage, replace the shock absorbers
g., such as noise or vibration caused due to other problems such as a motor, adjust or replace the corresponding
(2) failure to determine the cause of the water level switch
a. level switch itself failure rate is low, pay attention to check the connected airways
b. airway folding, cracking, water is not in place, which may lead to water, not water idling more than water, such
as failure gas chamber c. tub on damaged or broken, could lead to water is not in place, no water idling more than
water, such as failure
(3) to determine whether the method of induction
a. induction electric generation and not the machine intact ground have a direct relationship
b. the user's home socket zero line, phase reverse may also lead to induction electric generation



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