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Part I: Safety Precautions - Whirlpool WDC 1070SL Service Manual

10kg capacity
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Part I: Safety Precautions

1.1 Do not use illegal accessories
Parts of the machine used have been specially designed and rigorous testing, performance reached the
national and enterprise industry standards, and the whole energy security, good work. In the repair process,
for replacement parts, please confirm the replacement parts are provided parts, and then replace ,otherwise
therefore adverse consequences, the company is not responsible.
1.2 The machine must be safety ground
1) When the installation / maintenance must verify the user's home has been well- grounded power outlet,
such as no, it may produce a more intense induction phenomenon , allowing users to frightened or hurt ,
be sure to police. It shows the user and ask the user to solve;
2) Do not use the converter, universal plugs, extension units and other power outlet, and prevent power. Rate
is too large for the machine and the user's personal and property damage and loss;
3) If a machine plug and socket do not match, the user to replace the electrical outlet, no person shall
change the machine's plug.
1.3 Note Use / Maintenance Security
1) Before cleaning or repair, you must first cut off the power;
2) Machine to use or debugging, you should turn off the water and disconnect the power plug;
3) In use / maintenance of the machine, you must observe the following basic safety rules:
Wet hands or barefoot, do not touch or operate electrical appliances;
b. When unplugging, do not pull the cord;
Washer not exposure, nor get wet;
d. Do not allow children to operate the machine in case of unattended;
Before washing the clothes pocket must be clearly fragmented debris, such as coins, banknotes, and
When this machine is in the drain and spin cycle, do not open the cover;
Attention to the protection panel, do not scratch with a sharp, otherwise it may lead to water
infiltration, and Energy leakage.