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Body repair
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• After removing each parts of the airbag system, keep them with the pad side facing upward on a dry, clean
and flat surface away from heat, light sources, moisture and dust.
• Observe the following; the airbag system component or the internal parts of seat belt pretensioner may be
damaged or the reliability may be greatly lowered.
– Do not drop or otherwise apply impact.
– Do not store it under high temperature environment at 85°C (185°F) or more, or do not near it to open
– Do not allow water, oil or grease to come in contact.
• When storing a removed airbag module, observe the following items. If the pad of the airbag module is in
contact with other objects, it may cause a serious accident if the airbag accidentally operates.
– Do not place the airbag module with the pad side facing downward.
– Do not place any objects on the airbag module.
– Do not pile up the airbag module.
Airbag Operating Instructions
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Table of Contents

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