Cycle Settings - Electrolux 300 Series Use & Care Manual

Front load dryer
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16 Controls and Settings
times and temperature settings can be
selected when using this cycle.
The fast dry cycles (on select models)
have preset times of 15, 18 or 20 minutes
(dependent on model) with a preset tem-
perature of high only.
Dryness levels will not be an available option
when using either of the timed drying cycles.
To avoid fire hazard, DO NOT use heat
to dry items containing feathers or down,
foam rubber, plastics similarly textured,
rubber-like materials. Use the time dry
cycle and the air dry (no heat) setting.
time dry
Select this cycle to manually set the drying
time from 30 to 75 minutes (depending on
model) for any load.
fast dry (400 series model)
Select this cycle to quickly dry small loads
in 20 minutes.
fast dry (500 series model)
Select this cycle to quickly dry small loads
in 18 minutes.
fast dry (600 series model)
Select this cycle to quickly dry small loads
in 15 minutes.
instant refresh (on select models)
Select this cycle to refresh fabrics, remove
odors and reduce static by injecting the
perfect amount of steam into clothing
that has been left in the dryer, stored in
crowded closets, drawers, or unpacked
It is not recommended to use fabric soft-
ener sheets with steam cycles or steam
options as it may cause staining on clothes.

Cycle Settings

To set or change the drying temperature,
dryness level, or drying time press the
temp, dryness or time dry buttons to
scroll to the desired settings. The indicator
light for each setting will be illuminated
when selected.
To protect your fabrics, not all tempera-
tures or dryness levels are available with
every cycle. If a temperature or dryness
level is not appropriate for the cycle, it
cannot be selected and will not be lit when
scrolling through the settings.
To change a cycle setting once the cycle
has begun, press the start/pause but-
ton, make the new selection and press
start/pause again.
With exception of the sanitize temperature
setting and the perfect steam
adjustments made to cycle settings and op-
tions will be remembered and recalled each
time that cycle is selected in the future.
To return to factory settings,
press the dryness and options
buttons at the same time and hold
until the signal sounds.
Drying Temperature (temp)
To change the temperature, press the temp
button to scroll to the desired setting.
For best results
Follow the fabric care label in-
structions on items to be dried.
sanitize (on select models)
Recommended for durable fabrics and tow-
els. Use this selection to remove harmful
bacteria from your clothing or other items
where sanitization is desired. This option will
kill 99.9% of bacteria. A higher temperature
is required to kill bacteria. Please check fab-
ric care labels to prevent damage.
Recommended for most cotton fabrics.
Recommended for wrinkle free, easy care,
lightweight fabrics and bulky loads.
low (on select models)
Recommended for delicate fabrics.
air dry
This setting (no heat) should only be used
with a time dry cycle to dry items contain-
ing feathers, down, foam rubber, plastics
or rubber-like materials; to refresh clothing,
stuffed animal, pillows or blankets; and to
dust draperies.

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