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Electrolux 300 Series Use & Care Manual page 24

Front load dryer
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24 Solutions to Common Inquiries
Service Prevention Checklist
Before calling for service, review this list. It may save both time and expense. The list
includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or
materials in this dryer.
Dryer does
not start.
Dryer runs
but won't
• Electrical power cord is not
securely plugged in or plug
may be loose.
• House fuse blown or circuit
breaker tripped.
• Action of pressing start but-
ton on "touch screen" style
console not recognized
• Thermal limiter tripped.
• Delay time inadvertently
• Door may be open. Unit will
not operate with door open.
• Dryer has been programmed
to temporarily perform a
repeating demo cycle.
• There are 2 house fuses in
the dryer circuit. If 1 of the 2
fuses is blown, the drum may
turn but the heater will not
operate (electric models).
• Gas supply valve is not open
(gas models).
• Dryer does not have enough
air supply to support the
burner flame (gas models).
• LP gas supply tank is empty
or there has been a utility
interruption of natural gas
(gas models).
• Make sure the plug fits tightly in wall
• Reset circuit breaker or replace fuse.
• Make sure electrical line is not over-
loaded and the dryer is on a sepa-
rate circuit.
• Press start button with bare fingertip.
• Call authorized service person for
• Ensure delay time not activated.
• Ensure door is closed.
• Reset the unit back to factory default
settings as described earlier.
• Replace fuse.
• Check to make sure supply valve is
open. Refer to the Installation In-
structions provided with the dryer.
• See the Installation Instructions
provided with the dryer.
• Refill or replace tank. Dryer should
heat when utility service is restored.

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