Cycle Options - Electrolux 300 Series Use & Care Manual

Front load dryer
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Dryness Level (dryness)
To set or change the dryness level, press
the dryness button to scroll to the desired
The dryness levels include max (on select
models), high, normal, less (on select
models), and damp. Most Auto Dry cycles
default to the normal dryness level.
Occasionally a load may seem too damp
or over-dried at the end of the cycle. To
increase drying time for similar loads in the
future, select high or max (on select mod-
els). To decrease drying time for similar
loads, select less (on select models).
Select damp for items you wish to partially
dry before hanging or ironing.
Drying time (time dry)
Manually select or change the drying time
for a time dry cycle (on select models)
by pressing the time dry button to scroll
though the available options. Time dry
options include 30, 45, 60 and 75 minutes
(dependent on model).
The auto selection is a default for all auto
dry cycles and fast dry cycles and can-
not be selected or changed. All actual or
predicted dry times will count down on the
LED display.

Cycle Options

To select an option, press options and
scroll though the options until the indicator
light for the desired option flashes, then
press select (set). The indicator will illumi-
nate when the option has been selected.
Follow the same steps to deselect an
option. The indicator light will turn off when
the option is deselected.
To change a cycle option once the cycle
has begun, press the start/pause but-
ton, make the new selection and press
start/pause again.
To protect your fabrics, not all options are
available with every cycle. If an option is
not available for a cycle, the indicator will
not light.
Occasionally, two options or settings in the
same cycle will conflict with each other, like
Controls and Settings
eco option and sanitize temperature (on
select models). When this happens, the
option selected first will cause the conflict-
ing option to not be selectable.
perfect steam
The perfect steam
into the clothing prior to cool down to
reduce wrinkling, ironing and static cling.
It is not recommended to use fabric soft-
ener sheets with steam cycles or steam
options as it may cause staining on clothes.
anti-static (on select models)
The anti-static option injects steam into
the clothing just before cycle completion to
reduce static.
The eco option reduces the
drying temperature a few de-
grees to save energy. In conjunction with
automatic moisture sensors, cycle times
will increase slightly, but overall energy
usage will decrease. The eco icon will il-
luminate on the LED display to indicate the
eco option is activated.
wrinkle release
The wrinkle release option helps prevent
wrinkles and tangling by tumbling the dry
load without heat for 5 minutes out of every
10 minutes. The 5 minutes on and 5 min-
utes off is repeated for a total 45 minutes.
A chime will sound after each tumble as a
reminder to remove the dried load.
extended tumble (on select models)
Select the extended tumble option if the
dried load might not be removed promptly
at the end of the cycle. The dried load will
tumble continuously without heat for 30
minutes. A chime will sound periodically to
remind you to remove the dried load.
When extended tumble and wrinkle
release options are both selected the
amount of time the load will tumble with-
out heat will increase to a period of up to
75 minutes.
delay time (on select models)
Use delay time to delay the
start of the drying cycle to a time
convenient to your schedule or
(on select models)
option injects steam

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