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Electrolux 300 Series Use & Care Manual page 10

Front load dryer
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10 Operating Instructions
Operating Procedures (continued)
4. Select the
cycle and
settings for
each load.
5. Close the
dryer door
and start
the drying
6. Remove
items when
7. Clean the
lint filter.
• See Cycle Selection and Cycle Settings for
detailed descriptions of cycle controls.
• See Cycle Setting Charts to determine which
settings are available for each cycle.
• To provide the best care, not every setting
or option is available with every cycle. If a
setting or option is not available for the cycle
selected, the indicator will not light. See Set-
ting Chart for information of available options
for each cycle by model.
• Adjustments made to most cycle settings will
be remembered and recalled each time that
cycle is selected in the future. To return to
factory settings, press the dryness button
and the options button at the same time
and hold until the signal sounds.
To return to factory settings,
• To start the drying cycle, close the door and
press the dry level/dryness and
options buttons at the same time
press the start/pause button.
and hold until the signal sounds.
• To add an item to the dryer drum, press
start/pause. Add the item, close the door
and press start/pause to resume the cycle.
• To change settings or options after the cycle
has begun, press start/pause, change the
settings, and then press start/pause. If the
cycle is not paused first, the unit will emit sev-
eral beeps when the buttons are pressed but
no changes to the cycle will be applied.
• To change the cycle once the cycle has be-
gun, press cancel to cancel the cycle, select
the new cycle, and press start/pause to
begin the new cycle. Changing a cycle selec-
tion without cancelling the current WILL NOT
change the cycle.
• To cancel a cycle, press cancel.
• A signal will sound at the end of the cycle if
the chime option is not set to mute.
• Immediately remove items when the cycle is
completed and hang or fold.
• See Care and Cleaning section of this in-
• CLEAN LINT will be displayed at the end of
the cycle as a reminder to remove lint from
Over-drying can
cause wrinkles,
shrinkage, lint, harsh-
ness, and a build up
of static electricity.
To prevent uninten-
tional and accidental
exposure of delicate
material to excess
heat or unexpected
steam, the sanitize
temperature setting
and the perfect
steam™ option will
not be remembered
and must be rese-
lected each time.
The dryer WILL NOT
operate with the door
When drying a single
large or bulky item,
such as a comforter,
pause the cycle part
way through to turn
the item "inside out"
and maximize drying
See product manu-
facturer's instruc-
LINT at the end
of the cycle (see
warning on previ-
ous page).

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