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Solving Memory Problems - HP 280 G3 Maintenance And Service Manual

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Solving memory problems

If you encounter memory problems, some common causes and solutions are listed in the following table.
Power may still be supplied to the DIMMs when the computer is turned off (depending on the
Management Engine (ME) settings). To avoid damage to the DIMMs or the system board, you must unplug the
computer power cord before attempting to reseat, install, or remove a memory module.
For those systems that support ECC memory, HP does not support mixing ECC and non-ECC memory.
Otherwise, the computer will not boot the operating system.
The memory count will be affected by configurations with the Management Engine (ME) enabled. The
ME uses 8MB of system memory in single channel mode or 16MB of memory in dual-channel mode to
download, decompress, and execute the ME firmware for Out-of-Band (OOB), third-party data storage, and
other management functions.
System will not boot or does not function properly after installing additional memory modules.
A memory module is not installed in the DIMM1 or XMM1 socket.
Memory module is not the correct type or speed grade for the
system or the new memory module is not seated properly.
Out of memory error.
You have run out of memory to run the application.
Memory count during POST is wrong.
The memory modules may not be installed correctly.
Integrated graphics may use system memory.
Insufficient memory error during operation.
Too many Terminate and Stay Resident programs (TSRs) are
You have run out of memory for the application.
Ensure that a memory module is installed in the DIMM1 or XMM1
socket on the system board. This socket must be populated with a
memory module.
Replace module with the correct industry-standard device for the
computer. On some models, ECC and non-ECC memory modules
cannot be mixed.
Check the application documentation to determine the memory
Check that the memory modules have been installed correctly and
that proper modules are used.
No action required.
Delete any TSRs that you do not need.
Check the memory requirements for the application or add more
memory to the computer.
Solving memory problems


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