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Troubleshooting - Whirlpool Personal Valet PVBM600LY0 User Manual

Personal valet series clothes vitalizing system
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First try the solutions suggested here and possibly avoid a service call.
No formula was dispensed during
the misting cycle.
Did not use tensioning accessories.
Load contained mixed fabrics.
Not enough formula was dispensed
due to a clogged filter.
Formula ran out during misting
Finished results
are not as expected,
Ran the cycle with 3 articles of
wrinkles still present.
Tensioning accessories caused a
crease or fold.
Clothing is new and has never
been cleaned.
Clothing has difficult-to-remove
Some cotton and linen clothes
have difficult-to-remove wrinkles.
Clothing was wet going in.
Clothing is wet after a
Heavy Duty,
RegularCare or
Heating element has failed.
Nozzle may be clogged. See "Maintenance" section for clearing a clogged nozzle.
Add tensioning accessories. See "Loading" section in this guide.
Run loads that contain similar fabrics. For example, when running a silk blouse (which
requires the RegularCare Delicate setting) along with a cotton shirt, performance on the
cotton shirt will suffer, as cottons require a longer misting cycle.
Change filter. See "Maintenance" section for changing filters. Every year the filter on
the nozzle pack needs to be changed as it becomes clogged and reduces the amount
of formula dispensed.
Check to see if formula container is in the red circle. If it is, add more formula and run
cycle again.
Run the cycle with 2 articles of clothing. This increases the space around the clothes,
which lets the heat-activated mist circulate better between the clothes improving
When adding the tensioning accessories make sure to remove any creases, folds, or
pinched fabric. If these are present before the cycle starts, they will be there when the
cycle ends.
Clothes that have never been washed before have wrinkles that are more difficult to
remove and may require touch-up ironing. Clean clothes per care label.
Review "Expectation" notes at the end of each section for loading articles of clothing.
Some fabrics hold wrinkles to a greater extent than others.
Run the Heavy Duty cycle.
If clothes are wet going into the clothes vitalizer, they will come out wet. Run the
GENTLEDRY™ cycle until the clothes are dry.
Verify by running the GENTLEDRY™ cycle to see if the interior heats up. If it does not heat
up, call Service for repair.




Table of Contents

Table of Contents