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Whirlpool Personal Valet PVBM600LY0 User Manual page 19

Personal valet series clothes vitalizing system
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Your clothes vitalizer is designed for daily use by being able to handle an outfit at a time. Although your clothes vitalizer can handle up to
three articles of clothing, best performance is achieved when no more than two articles of clothing are loaded. Maximizing space around
the clothes whenever possible allows the formula to circulate between the clothes, which improves performance.
1. Select clothes
The charts on the next several pages follow the above 6-Step process. We have added an expectation column on each chart to give you
an indication of the results you can expect for each type of clothing and fabric. The accessories that are listed will give you the BEST
performance on each article of clothing. Depending upon the amount of wrinkles and the fabric, you will find that not every article of
clothing will require the Body Shaper and/or the Sleeve Shapers. This is especially true for suit coats, blouses and skirts. As you use the
clothes vitalizer, you will become more familiar with what accessories will be required to give you the results you desire.
Use approved formula only.
Do not use any flammable liquids.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death or explosion.
2. Determine
3. How wrinkled
4. Add tensioning
fabric type
is clothing?
Use the care
Are the wrinkles
labels on
in the clothing
clothes to
from re-wear or
determine the
Fabric and
Wrinkles from
wrinkles dictate
clothes out of
cycle selection
the dryer are
in step 6.
usually more
difficult to
Use the pictures in this
manual or on the door of the
clothes vitalizer as a guide to
identify and use the required
Explosion Hazard
5. Select formula and
check level
Use approved
formulas only.
Look for above
symbol on formula
6. Select
NOTE: Press BUZZER button to
turn on End of Cycle signal.



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