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Whirlpool Personal Valet PVBM600LY0 User Manual page 38

Personal valet series clothes vitalizing system
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On which fabrics should I use the Crisp and Soft formulas?
The Crisp formula gives a neat, crisp feel to cotton and linen fabrics. You might use it on cotton clothing to which you want to give some form and
The Soft formula is an all-purpose formula that makes fabrics feel soft, almost like a fabric softener. It keeps fabrics such as silk, rayon, linen, wool, and
knitted clothes flowing and draping naturally so they move with you.
Can I mix colors in the clothes vitalizer? Will PRESIVA* cause colors to bleed?
You can place clothes of different colors in the clothes vitalizer together. The clothes vitalizer and PRESIVA* are completely safe for colorfast clothes.
Can I place different types of fabric in the clothes vitalizer at the same time? Are there any concerns or "watch-outs" with mixing fabrics
inside the clothes vitalizer?
You can safely mix fabric types inside the clothes vitalizer. That said, the appliance offers different cycles for different types of clothes, and for best
results, we do recommend loading clothes made from the same fabric.
Are there any types of clothes that could be harmed by the clothes vitalizer?
We do not recommend the system for fur, faux fur, fleece, plastic, nylon, velour, velvet, pleather (artificial leather) or feathers. With all other fabrics –
from wool to silk to even leather – you can use the clothes vitalizer with confidence. It cleans odors, smoothes wrinkles, and gives clothes a neat, clean
look and feel, with a laundry-fresh scent.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents