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Whirlpool Personal Valet PVBM600LY0 User Manual page 30

Personal valet series clothes vitalizing system
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Before running your first cycle on the clothes vitalizer or filling the formula containers, apply the formula identification labels that were
included with the PRESIVA* formula starter kit. These labels will identify which formula is in each container. Apply a Soft finish label to
one container and a Crisp finish label to the other container. If you decide to apply a different label in the future, remove the old label and
clean the area thoroughly so the new label will adhere to the formula container.
Fill the formula container with either the Soft or Crisp finish.The container holds approximately 30 oz of formula. This is enough for
approximately 3 Heavy Duty cycles or 5 to 9 RegularCare cycles, depending upon which settings have been used.
bottle does not have the following seal, it is not approved for use in the PERSONAL VALET
Using unapproved formulas may result in reduced performance or an increase in nozzle or filter clogging.
Use approved formula only.
Do not use any flammable liquids.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death or explosion.
system seal of approval before using any formula in the clothes vitalizer. If the formula
Explosion Hazard
clothes vitalizing system.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents