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Pioneer YN-M Series Installation Manual

Multi-split system air conditioner / heat pump. inverter++ models two, three, four, and five zones (dual, triple, quad, and quint multi)
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YN-M Series
Inverter++ Models
Two, Three, Four, and Five Zones
(Dual, Triple, Quad, and Quint Multi)
Read this manual carefully before
installing or operating your new air
conditioning unit. Be sure to store
this manual for your future reference.
This manual only describes the outdoor
unit of the system. For more info on the
indoor unit, refer to its installation manual.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 MULTI-SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER / HEAT PUMP YN-M Series Inverter++ Models Two, Three, Four, and Five Zones (Dual, Triple, Quad, and Quint Multi) Installation Manual IMPORTANT NOTE: • Read this manual carefully before installing or operating your new air conditioning unit. Be sure to store this manual for your future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Installation Manual Accessories ...............04 Safety Precautions ........... 05 Installation Overview ..........06 Installation Diagram ..........07 Specifications ..............08 Outdoor Unit Installation ........09 a. Outdoor Unit Installation Instructions ..09 b. Drain Joint Installation ..........11 c. Notes on Wall Hole Drilling ........11 d.
  • Page 3 Refrigerant Piping Connection .....12 Wiring ..............14 a. Outdoor Unit Wiring ......14 b. Wiring Figure ..........16 Air Evacuation ............1 9 a. Evacuation Instructions ........19 b. Note on Adding Refrigerant ......26 Test Run ............27 Function of Automatic Wiring/Piping Correction ..28  ...
  • Page 4: Accessories

    Accessories The air conditioning system comes with the below accessories. Use all of the installation parts and accessories to install the air conditioner. Improper or incomplete installation can result in water leakage, electrical shock and fire, or equipment failure. Name Shape Quantity Drain joint (some models)
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Read and Understand All Safety Precautions Before Installation Incorrect installation due to negligence of instructions can lead to serious damage or injury. The magnitude of potential damages or injuries is classified as either a WARNING or CAUTION. Failure to observe a warning may result in severe injury or death. The appliance must be installed in full accordance with all relevant national regulations.
  • Page 6: Installation Overview

    Installation Overview INSTALLATION ORDER Connect the refrigerant pipes Install the outdoor unit Connect the wires (Page 12) (Page 14) (Page 9) Evacuate each of the line Perform a test run sets and Indoor Units. (Page 22) (Page 20)   Page 6...
  • Page 7: Installation Diagram

    Installation Diagram Installation Diagram Dual (2) Zone Triple (3) Zone Quad (4) Zone If wall mount condenser bracket is used, rear clerance can be reduced to 6” Quint (5) Zone Fig. 4.1 Safety Precautions CAUTION CAUTION To prevent wall damage, use a stud finder •...
  • Page 8: Specifications

    Specifications Table 5.1 Number of units that can be used Connected units 1 to 5 units together Compressor stop/start frequency Stop time 3 min or more voltage fluctuation within ±10% of rated voltage Power source voltage voltage drop during start within ±15% of rated voltage interval phase unbalance within ±...
  • Page 9: Outdoor Unit Installation

    Outdoor Unit Installation  The area must be free of combustible gases √ Outdoor Unit Installation Instructions and chemicals.  √ The pipe length between the outdoor and Step 1: Select installation location. indoor unit may not exceed the maximum The outdoor unit should be installed at a location allowable pipe length.
  • Page 10 Split Type Outdoor Unit Table 6.1: Length Specifications of Split Type (Refer to Fig 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.10 and Table 6.1) Outdoor Unit (unit: mm/inch) Outdoor Unit Dimensions Mounting Dimensions W x H x D Distance A Distance B 2 Zone (Dual Multi Split) 845x702x363 (33-1/4x27-5/8/14-3/8) 540 (21-1/4) 350 (13-3/4)
  • Page 11: Drain Joint Installation

    NOTE: The minimum distance between the Notes On Wall Hole Drilling outdoor unit and the walls described in the You must drill a hole in the wall for the refrigerant installation guide does not apply to airtight piping and signal cable that will connect the rooms.
  • Page 12: Refrigerant Piping Connection

    Refrigerant Piping Connection Safety Precautions CAUTION DO NOT deform the pipe while cutting. Be extra WARNING careful not to damage, kink, or deform the pipe • All field piping must be handled by a while cutting. This will drastically reduce the licensed technician and must comply with all efficiency and capacity of the unit.
  • Page 13 4. Remove PVC tape from ends of pipe when NOTE: Use both a spanner and a torque wrench ready to perform flaring work. when connecting or disconnecting pipes to/from 5. Clamp flare form onto the end of the pipe. The the unit to prevent twisting or other damage.
  • Page 14: Wiring

    Wiring Follow these instructions to prevent distortion Safety Precautions when the compressor starts: WARNING • The unit must be connected to the main outlet. Normally, the power supply must • Be sure to disconnect the power supply have a low output impedance of 32 ohms. before performing any electrical work.
  • Page 15 Table 8.2: European Regions 5. Insulate unused wires with electrical tape. Keep them away from any electrical or metal Rated Current of Nominal Cross-Sectional parts. Appliance (A) Area (mm²) 6. Reinstall the cover of the electric control box.  6 0.75 7.
  • Page 16: Wiring Figure

    Wiring Figure CAUTION Plug the connective cables to the corresponding terminals, as shown, with their matching numbers on the terminal block of the indoor and outdoor units. For example, in the US models shown in the following diagram, Terminal (A) of the outdoor unit must connect with Terminal (A) on the indoor unit, through the same colored wire lead, without any inversions along the way.
  • Page 17 NOTE: Please refer to the following figures if end-users wish to perform their own wiring. Three-Zone (Triple-Split) models: Model A (Newest) Model B Model D Model C (Some Older Models might utilize B, C or D Model wiring) Four-Zone (Quad-Split) models: Model A (Newest) Model B...
  • Page 18 Model D Five-Zone (Quint-Split) models: Model A (Newest) Model B (Some Older Models might utilize B, C, or D Model wiring) Model C Model D   Page 18...
  • Page 19: Evacuation Instructions

    CAUTION After confirmation of the above conditions, follow these guidelines when performing wiring: • Always have an individual dedicated power circuit specifically for the air conditioner. Always follow the circuit diagram posted on the inside of the control cover. • Screws that fasten the wiring inside the casing of the electrical terminals may come lose during transporation.
  • Page 20 end of the refrigerant pipes. The leak must be located, and the leaking nut must be tightened properly, before re-vacuuming the circuit. 9. If the vacuum is achieved, close the manifold valve at the low (blue) side on your gauge manifold first, and shut the vacuum pump off.
  • Page 21 COMMON (MASTER) Service Valves Flare nut 3-way (Gas) Valve Valve stem Valve body Circuit Service Valves 15. Power up the system, and run the indoor unit for circuit A in COOLING mode to ensure that all WARNING FOR 3, 4, 5 ZONE: functions are working.
  • Page 22 Note: The first and largest capacity indoor unit it in the reverse direction. Check your low pressure should always be connected to circuit A as primary. gauge on the manifold to verify that it now indicates 4. If the manifold gauge set’s hoses have 1/4” SAE positive pressure of approximately 80 to 120 PSI in connections, a 1/4”...
  • Page 23 Flare nut 3-way (gas) valve of a circuit. Valve stem Valve body 18. Power up the system, and run the indoor unit for circuit A in COOLING mode to verify that all functions 2. For 3, 4, and 5 zone systems, connect the low are working.
  • Page 24 6. Set the refrigerant container onto an electronic ADDING OR REPLACING REFRIGERANT AFTER charging scale, and record the weight (or zero-out A REFRIGERANT LOSS IS DISCOVERED: the scale, depending on the scale used). 7. Start all indoor units attached to the system in Please note: R410a is a blended and isotropic refrigerant.
  • Page 25 Outdoor Unit Error Display YN020GMFI22M2D, YN030GMFI22M3D, YN040GMFI22M4D, YN050GMFI22M5D Display LED STATUS New indoor Error Outdoor unit EEPROM parameter error Communication malfunction between indoor and outdoor units Communication malfunction between IPM board and outdoor main control —— board Outdoor temperature sensor (coil sensor T3,ambient sensor T4, Compressor F2/F1/F3/F6 discharge sensor T5、indoor coil outlet pipe sensor T2B) malfunction Over-voltage or under-voltage protection...
  • Page 26: Note On Adding Refrigerant

    Note On Adding Refrigerant CAUTION • Refrigerant charging must be performed after wiring, vacuuming, and leak testing. DO NOT exceed the maximum allowable quantity of refrigerant or overcharge the system. • Doing so can damage the unit or impact it’s functioning. •...
  • Page 27: Test Run

    Test Run f. Check to see that the drainage system is Before Test Run unimpeded and is draining smoothly. A test run must be performed after the entire g. Ensure that there is no vibration or abnormal system has been completely installed. Confirm noise during operation.
  • Page 28: Function Of Automatic Wiring/Piping Correction

    Function of Automatic Wiring/Piping Correction Automatic Wiring/Piping Correction Function The newest models now feature automatic correction of wiring/piping errors. Press the "check switch" on the outdoor unit PCB board for 5 seconds until the LED displays "CE”, indicating that this function is working.
  • Page 29 The design and specifications of this product are subject to change without prior notice as development continues. Consult with the sales agency or manufacturer for details. is a registered trademark of Parker Davis HVAC International, Inc. Parker Davis HVAC International, Inc. 2250 NW 102 Place, Doral, FL 33172 - USA : (305) 513-4488 : (305) 513-4499...