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Part 5 Printing - Casio MEP-K10 User Manual

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Part 5
Printing a Label
Printing a label is quick and simple. You also can feed the tape any time you
need to insert a blank space due to a partially printed label, etc.
Printing Precautions
Keep the following points in mind when printing.
Never remove the batteries while printing is in progress.
Never open the printer's tape compartment cover while printing is in
Do not touch the tape coming out of the printer until printing is stopped.
Before printing, check to make sure there is enough tape loaded in the
printer so it does not run out during printing. If the printer runs out of tape
while printing, press
to stop printing.
Make sure that nothing is blocking the printer's tape outlet. Blocking the
tape outlet can cause tape jams and malfunction of the printer.
To display the print preview
1. Press
The print image that appears scrolls on the display for easy viewing.
2. To stop the scrolling, press
3. Print preview will be exited automatically after you reach the end.
To exit print preview part way through, press
. Press
again to restart scrolling.
To print a Label
Before printing, load tape into the printer and check to make sure nothing
is blocking the tape outlet (page E-5). Also, be sure to read the information
under "Printing Precautions", to the left.
While the text input screen is displayed, press
This starts the print operation.
To stop printing of a label part way through, press
To cut the tape
Holding the tape between your fi ngers as shown in the illustration, pull it up
against the printer's tape cutter to cut it.
Check to make sure that printing is completely stopped before cutting the
tape. Cutting the tape while printing is in progress can cause tape jams and
damage to the printer.
To affi x a label to a surface
1. Use scissors or some other implement to trim the label to the required
size, if necessary.
2. Affi x the label to the desired surface.
Affi xing a label to a surface may cause adhesive to remain on the surface
when the label is removed.



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