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Charging - Fujitsu F-04A User Manual

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F-02A_E1kou Page 43 Thursday, November 27, 2008 9:48 AM
■ Removing
a Perform the procedure a-b of Attaching.
b Pinch the tab of battery pack and pick it up in the direction of the arrow to
Attaching battery pack forcibly into FOMA terminal may damage FOMA terminal jack.
FOMA terminal or back cover may be damaged if you install or remove battery pack by
a method except the procedures above or if you press too hard.
To prevent water seepage, install back cover firmly and lock it with the lever.
The rubber packing of the inner lid has an important function to maintain waterproof
performance. Do not remove or damage it. Also, prevent dust from adhering to it.
For better battery pack performance
Do not charge the battery for an extended period (several days) with FOMA
terminal turned ON.
After charging has completed with FOMA terminal turned ON, the power is
supplied to the terminal from the battery pack. If FOMA terminal is left in that state
for a long time, the battery pack may run out causing the low battery alert to
sound after using only a short period of time. In this case, remove FOMA terminal
from the AC adapter, desktop holder or DC adapter and then reconnect it and
charge the battery again.
To promote environmental conservation, return your used battery pack to NTT
DOCOMO sales outlets, our corporate agencies or the shops that collect used
battery in your community.


The battery pack does not have a full charge at time of purchase. Use AC/DC
adapter for FOMA terminal to charge the battery before using FOMA terminal.
To get the maximum performance from F-04A, use battery pack F09.
Charging times (approximate)
The times below are the times for charging an empty battery pack with F-04A's
power switched OFF. Charging with the terminal ON or under low temperature
requires longer time.
AC adapter
DC adapter
Operation time on full charge (approximate)
The times below vary by the charging method and operating environment.
Continuous stand-by
Continuous call time FOMA/3G Voice call : Approx. ●●● min.
1Seg watching time
Continuous stand-by time indicates the approximate time that the phone can
receive radio waves normally with F-04A folded. Call, communication or stand-by
time may be reduced to about half, or 1Seg watching time may be reduced due
to battery pack charging condition, function settings, operating environment such
as ambient temperature, radio wave conditions in the area of use (the radio waves
are weak or absent), etc.
Continuous call time indicates the approximate time that the phone can send or
receive radio waves normally.
Call, communication or stand-by time is reduced by performing i-mode
communication. Also, even when no voice call nor i-mode communication is
made, call, communication or stand-by time is reduced when creating i-mode
Approx. ●●● min.
Approx. ●●● min.
FOMA/3G Stationary : Approx. ●●● H
Moving : Approx. ●●● H
Videophone call : Approx. ●●● min.
Approx. ●●● min.
(1Seg ECO mode : Approx. ●●● min.)
Before Using the Handset