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Fujitsu F-07C Loox Instruction Manual

Docomo pro series




Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Fujitsu F-07C Loox

  • Page 2: Basic Package

    F-07C_EN_ninshou DOCOMO W-CDMA, GSM/GPRS System Thank you for purchasing "docomo PRO series F-07C" mobile terminal. Before using F-07C, read this manual to ensure safe use and handling. Instruction manuals for F-07C The operations of F-07C are described in this manual, "使いかたガイド (Guide)” (installed in FOMA terminal) and "Instruction manual (detailed version)"...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    F-07C_EN_ninshou F-07C_EN_ninshou F-07C_EN_ninshou Contents FOMA terminal ......Precautions (Always follow these What you can do with F-07C ..directions)....... Introduction Part names and functions ..Handling precautions ....Usage Styles ....... Before Using ....... Sound/Screen Setting ....Basic Screen Explanation ....Lock/Security......
  • Page 4: Foma Terminal

    F-07C_EN_ninshou FOMA terminal ・ Because your FOMA terminal uses wireless transmission, it may not function in locations where it is difficult for radio waves to penetrate, such as tunnels, underground passages and some buildings, in areas where radio waves are weak, or out of service area. Even when you are high up in a tall building or condominium and nothing blocks your view outside, your FOMA terminal may not be able to receive or transmit signals.
  • Page 5: What You Can Do With F-07C

    F-07C_EN_ninshou What you can do with F-07C Windows 7 mode International Roaming (WORLD WING) F-07C is equipped with "Keitai mode" for using as While staying overseas, you can use the same a regular FOMA terminal and "Windows 7 mode". FOMA terminal, phone number and mail address To switch to Windows 7 mode, press w.
  • Page 6: Part Names And Functions

    F-07C_EN_ninshou Part names and functions Part names of F-07C and major functions assigned to each part are as follows.
  • Page 7 F-07C_EN_ninshou f Exit a running function, or turn ON/OFF To use the function with *, press the key for 1 second or more. the FOMA terminal by pressing for 2 seconds a Display (touch panel) or more b Light sensor for sensing the ambient c Receive a voice call, delete a character, return to the previous screen, or display i-Channel lightness to adjust the brightness of the...
  • Page 8 F-07C_EN_ninshou h Guide keys QWERTY keypad 1 : Display the menu, or perform the operation at upper-left of the guide area 2 : Display the outgoing call screen, or perform the operation at upper-right of the guide area 3 : Display the mail menu, perform the operation at lower-left of the guide area, or Check new message 4 : Display iMENU connecting to i-mode,...
  • Page 9: Usage Styles

    F-07C_EN_ninshou Usage Styles ・ You can use the FOMA terminal with two In slide style, the display is switched automatically to horizontal view. styles: "basic style (closed state)" supports ・ In slide style, the display is switched automatically to touch operation, "slide style (opened state)" horizontal view.
  • Page 10: Before Using

    F-07C_EN_ninshou Precautions (Always follow these directions) ・ Before using your FOMA terminal, or when This symbol denotes that using the necessary, read the following precautions to phone or its components with wet ensure safe use and handling. After reading this hands is not allowed.
  • Page 11: No Liquids

    F-07C_EN_ninshou Handling FOMA terminal, battery WARNING pack, adapter and UIM (common) Do not throw the equipment or give hard shock to it. DANGER May cause fire, burns, injuries or electric shock. Don’t Do not use, store, or leave the Keep conductive materials (metal equipment in hot areas such as near pieces, pencil lead, etc.) from coming in flames or in areas under strong direct...
  • Page 12: Handling Foma Terminal

    F-07C_EN_ninshou CAUTION Handling FOMA terminal Do not leave the equipment on unstable WARNING or sloping surfaces. The euipment may fall and cause injuries. Do not direct the infrared data port Don’t toward your eye and transmit signals. Do not store the equipment in May cause harmful effect on eyes.
  • Page 13: Camera

    F-07C_EN_ninshou Turn FOMA terminal OFF in areas where Turn FOMA terminal OFF near high- use is prohibited, such as in airplanes precision electronic control equipment and hospitals. or electronic equipment using low- power signals. Failure to do so may cause electronic equipment or electronic medical equipment to fail or Failure to do so may cause the equipment to fail malfunction.
  • Page 14: Handling Battery Pack

    F-07C_EN_ninshou Handling battery pack When using the motion tracking or motion sensor, check the safety around ■Check that the battery type matches the type you, hold FOMA terminal firmly, and do Don’t displayed on the battery pack label. not shake it unnecessarily. Display Battery type May cause accident such as injuries.
  • Page 15: Handling Adapter

    F-07C_EN_ninshou WARNING Handling adapter If the battery pack seems to have WARNING abnormalities such as deformation or scratches due to falling, never use it. Do not use the adapter cord if it gets Don’t May cause the battery pack to ignite, burst, heat damaged.
  • Page 16: Handling Uim

    F-07C_EN_ninshou Only use with the specified power Always remove the power plug from source and voltage. the cigarette lighter socket when When charging FOMA terminal cleaning the equipment. Unplug overseas, use AC Adapter for global use. Failure to do so may cause fire, burns or electric shock.
  • Page 17: Material List

    F-07C_EN_ninshou Surface Turn FOMA terminal OFF in crowded Part Material treatment trains or other public places where Keypad PC resin pacemaker or defibrillator wearers could be nearby. Camera Out-camera PMMA resin panel FOMA terminal's signals may affect the In-camera PC resin operation of implanted pacemakers or Display panel PA+GF45...
  • Page 18: Handling Precautions

    F-07C_EN_ninshou Handling precautions ・ Do not rub or scrape the display with a metal piece General etc. - It may scratch the display, causing malfunction or ・ Keep water away from FOMA terminal. damage. - FOMA terminal, battery pack, adapter, UIM are not ・...

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