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Selecting Functions From Menu - Fujitsu F-04A User Manual

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F-02A_E1kou Page 35 Thursday, November 27, 2008 9:48 AM
◆ Displaying light
Turn on or blink in the cases below.
- When receiving a call or mail, calling, obtaining ToruCa or accessing IC card
- When opening or folding FOMA terminal
- When activating Lock on close or Auto keypad lock, shooting a still image, recording a movie,
operating Music&Video Channel player or MUSIC Player
- When alarm clock, schedule reminder or countdown timer is sounding
- During iC transmission
For some functions, operation is performed according to Light alert setting.

Selecting functions from menu

◆ Menu screen and switching method
Menu screen
The menu screen below is available.
Kisekae menu : A menu that you can change the design using Kisekae tool.
In addition to menus that support movies, "拡大メニュー (AdvancedMode)" that
enlarges font size and "Simple Menu" are available. The Kisekae menu matched
with the color of FOMA terminal is set by default.
Some Kisekae menu changes the menu structure according to usage frequency.
In the Kisekae Tool stored by default, "ダイレクトメニュー (Direct menu)" in the
"Preinstalled" folder supports this function.
Some Kisekae menu does not support English display when setting Select
language to "English".
Basic menu : A basic menu that the menu structure and menu numbers are fixed.
Menu icons or background design can be changed by customizing Kisekae Tool
or menu.→P92, 94
The font size of the menu changes synchronized with Kisekae Tool.
Custom menu : A menu that menu items can be freely registered.→P306
To switch the menu screen temporarily
In each menu screen, you can temporarily switch to a different menu screen by the
operations below. You can also set which menu to display when pressing m on
the stand-by display.→P91
Basic menu
Kisekae menu
*1 Cannot be switched when Kisekae menu or Shortcut menu is set as Select startup menu.
*2 Cannot be switched when Basic menu is set as Select startup menu.
Some types of Kisekae menus change the menu structure according to usage
frequency. Also, the number assigned to menu item (item number) may not be applied.
◆ Selecting a function
Press m in stand-by and select and perform the functions from the menu
There are 2 ways. One method involves using the keypad corresponding to the
menu items (Shortcut operation). In the other method, the multi-cursor key is used
to select from among the menu items.
If any function is restricted by lock functions or no UIM is installed,
appears or the font color changes indicating that the function is disabled. Note
that the display does not change for Kisekae menu or Basic menu. When a
function is selected, the reason that the function cannot be performed etc. is
Function description about the menu item at the cursor position may appear for
some types or levels of the menu. The current setting may also displayed in some
menu items.
Custom menu
Before Using the Handset