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Attaching/Removing Battery Pack - Fujitsu F-04A User Manual

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F-02A_E1kou Page 42 Thursday, November 27, 2008 9:48 AM

Attaching/Removing battery pack

After turning power OFF, fold FOMA terminal and hold it in your hand.
Removing battery pack may cause reservation of Software update to be canceled.
When the date and time are set with Auto time adjust set to "OFF" in Date & time,
removing battery pack may delete date and time.
■ Attaching
a After releasing the lock by sliding back cover lever in the direction of a, push
back cover with your thumb while sliding back cover in the direction of b
approximately 2 mm to remove it.
* When you cannot slide back cover smoothly, hold FOMA terminal and slide back cover
with both of your thumbs.
b Pinch the tab of the inner lid, and pick it up in the direction of the arrow to open.
* The inner lid is structured to be closed tightly to maintain the waterproof performance. Note
that, if you try to open it forcibly, your nail or finger may be injured.
Before Using the Handset
Press here with your thumb
Back cover
c With the label side of the battery pack upward, place the convex part of the
battery pack to the concave part of FOMA terminal and plug in the direction of
a, and fit it in by pressing in the direction of b and close the inner lid.
Battery pack
Concave part
d Place the 8 tabs of back cover to the notches, press back cover in the direction of
a to avoid forming any clearance between FOMA terminal and back cover, slide
it in the direction of b to install, and slide the back cover lever in the direction
of c to lock.
Back cover
Convex part