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Checking Your Own Phone Number - Fujitsu F-04A User Manual

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F-02A_E1kou Page 49 Thursday, November 27, 2008 9:48 AM
Priority of Caller ID notification
There are multiple methods to notify your phone number to the other party. If you
set or perform these methods simultaneously, the caller ID operations are
performed with the priorities below. The displayed setting and actual Notify/Not
notify may differ.
a When setting a caller ID notification method in Call option for dialing→P57
b When "186" or "184" is prefixed to phone number to dial→P57
c Caller ID settings in the phonebook→P76
d Activate/Deactivate of Caller ID notification
If an announcement of requesting caller ID is heard when making a call, make a call
again after setting your caller ID to be notified.
User information

Checking your own phone number

You can check your phone number (My phone number), Name, Mail address, etc.
m [User information]
Checking during a call etc. :
For details of how to check i-mode mail address, see "Mobile Phone User's Guide [i-
mode] FOMA version".
When 2in1 is in Dual mode, you can press a to switch User information between
Number A and B.
With 2in1 ON, if replacing UIM (2in1 subscriber→2in1 subscriber), set 2in1 to OFF then
set it to ON again to obtain the correct Number B, or obtain Number B from User
Also, if replacing UIM (2in1 subscriber→2in1 non-subscriber), set 2in1 to OFF to update
to the correct user information.→P335
Before Using the Handset