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Sub-Display/Light Overview - Fujitsu F-04A User Manual

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F-02A_E1kou Page 32 Thursday, November 27, 2008 9:48 AM
◆ Guide area
Operations that can be performed by pressing m, I, g, C and a are
displayed in the guide area. Displayed operations vary by the screen.
Display locations and keys correspond as shown in the figure.
Guide area
on the guide area corresponds to multi-cursor keys k (It may be different
depending on the function you are using or how the site or website is made).
◆ List screen
a When a list extends to multiple pages, the currently displayed page number and
the total number of pages appear.
Before Using the Handset
b Pressing the keypads corresponding to the item number or pressing the keys
below allows you to select an item.
position. Press j to move the cursor. When d is pressed on the last item of
the page, the next page appears, when u is pressed on the first item of the
page, the previous page appears.
Press h to change the page. Some screens such as an icon selection screen
cannot be switched.

Sub-display/Light overview

With sub-display or light of FOMA terminal, various information or states can be
checked. Playing video recorded by 1Seg, shooting still images or recording
movies are also available.
◆ Displaying sub-display
When FOMA terminal is folded, the sub-display shows the stand-by display or
Folding FOMA terminal displays Open/Close animation. When the animation
stops, the sub-display light turns off. When Motion sensor is "ON", double-
tapping on the front or back side of FOMA terminal while the animation is
displayed also turns off the light.
When the sub-display light is turned off, pressing T turns on the light and the
sub stand-by screen appears. Animated arrival image appears when a missed call
or unread mail exists. When S-disp auto light on of Sub-display is set to "ON", the
light automatically turns on by picking up or tilting FOMA terminal.
When opening FOMA terminal with information displayed on the sub-display, the
information disappears.
In All lock, Omakase Lock or Side key hold, pressing T or SD shows a
message indicating the lock is set, and after a period of time, the sub stand-by
screen appears.
: *
: S
: #
: D
: T
indicates that there are items that can be selected above and below the cursor
indicates that there are items that can be selected over the multiple pages.