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Changing Screen Display To English; Select Language; Setting Date And Time; Notifying The Other Party Of Your Phone Number - Fujitsu F-04A User Manual

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F-02A_E1kou Page 48 Thursday, November 27, 2008 9:48 AM

Select language

Changing screen display to English

You can select language from Japanese or English (Select language).
m [Settings & NW services] 273e1 or 2
This setting is also saved to UIM.
Even if setting to "English", the displayed menu is not switched to English in some
Kisekae Tool. Note that, when Kisekae Tool in "Preinstalled" folder is set, a menu
dedicated to "English" is displayed.
Even if changing this setting, the title of Shortcut icon is not changed from the language
set when the shortcut icon was pasted.
Date & time

Setting date and time

You can set so that the time or time difference is automatically corrected or directly
enter the date and time. With automatic correction set, the time is corrected when
receiving the time information from DOCOMO's network in Japan or the time
difference correction information from the telecommunications carrier used
m [Settings & NW services] 711eSet required
Auto time adjust : Set whether time is corrected automatically.
When "ON", Offset can be set.
When "OFF", set the date and time. Time zone and Summer time may also be
Offset : When "+", the displayed time is always set forward the specified period
of time from the corrected time. When "-", the displayed time is always set
back the specified period of time from the corrected time.
Date : The date can be entered up between January 1, 2000 and December 31,
Time : Enter the time in the 24-hour format.
Time zone : When moving to a place with time difference, set the time zone
without changing the date and time settings.
Time difference from the previously set time zone is calculated and displayed.
Set "GMT+09:00" in Japan.
Before Using the Handset
Summer time : When "ON", the displayed time is set forward one hour from the
specified time.
<When setting Auto time adjust to "ON">
Time or time difference is corrected when FOMA terminal is turned ON. If not corrected
for a while after turning FOMA terminal ON, once turn FOMA terminal OFF and then
turn it ON again. Note that, when no UIM is installed or in some radio wave conditions,
time is not corrected even if FOMA terminal is once turned OFF and turned ON again.
When time difference is corrected, a message indicating it appears.
After time or time difference is corrected overseas, the time displayed for call histories
and sent mails is local time.
Time difference is not corrected in some networks overseas.
The corrected time or time difference may have an error of several seconds.
<When the correction has never been performed and date and time are displayed with "-
-" or "?">
Flash graphics etc. that use clock or date/time are not displayed correctly. Also,
functions requiring date/time information such as Auto start, Reserve, downloading or
playing data with Replay Restriction, operating a user certificate cannot be activated.
Date and time of each data are not recorded and displayed as "----/--/--" or "----------------
". A segmental number furthermore (number to segmentalize) may be appended.
<When setting date/time with Auto time adjust set to "OFF">
When the date/time are deleted because of removing of the battery pack or leaving the
battery for a long time after the battery exhausted, set the date/time again after
charging the battery.
Caller ID notification

Notifying the other party of your phone number

You can display your phone number (Caller ID) on the other party's terminal when
making a voice call or videophone call.
For details, refer to "Mobile Phone User's Guide [Network Services]".
Caller ID is your important information. Carefully consider whether you want to
include caller ID information when making a call.
The caller ID is displayed only when the phone of the other party is a digital
mobile phone etc. enabled to display the caller ID.
Setting operations for this function is disabled from a location out of service area.
m [Settings & NW services] 8411e1 or 2
Press m [Settings & NW services] 8412 and select "Yes" to
check the current settings.