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Using Uim (Foma Card) - Fujitsu F-04A User Manual

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F-02A_E1kou Page 39 Thursday, November 27, 2008 9:48 AM
Tilting FOMA terminal
■ Rotating the screen display according to the orientation of FOMA terminal
While watching 1Seg, displaying Full Browser screen, playing 1Seg video, playing
a movie/i-motion or playing Music&Video Channel, tilting FOMA terminal 90
degrees counterclockwise switches the display to the horizontal display. Tilting the
terminal 90 degrees clockwise restores the vertical display.
While an image is displayed, the orientation of FOMA terminal is detected, and
display orientations and display size are automatically adjusted.
■ Flash graphics change
When setting Flash graphics compatible with motion sensor to stand-by display,
image changes by moving FOMA terminal.
■ Changing vertical/horizontal position or orientation of an image
automatically when shooting a still image
The orientation of still image to be saved changes automatically according to the
orientation of FOMA terminal.→P196
Depending on the location or strength of double-tapping, unintended operations may
be performed. Note that tapping too strongly may cause malfunction.
While walking or in a place with much vibration, double-tapping operations may not
work correctly.
It may operate as double-tapping when lifting FOMA terminal with your hand.
◆ Enabling Motion sensor <Motion sensor>
m [Settings & NW services] 77e1 or 2
Even if setting to "OFF", the Flash graphics compatible with motion sensor

Using UIM (FOMA card)

UIM (FOMA card) is a card for storing user information such as phone numbers.
If UIM is installed incorrectly or if there is a problem with UIM, you cannot make/
receive a call or send/receive a mail.
For details on handling UIM, refer to the UIM manual.
◆ Installing/Removing
After turning the power OFF, fold FOMA terminal and hold it with your hand.
Take care not to touch or scratch the IC part.
Attaching/Removing back cover and battery pack→P42
■ Installing
a Pull the tab and pull out the tray until it clicks.
b Hold UIM with the IC side up, align the beveled corner with the tray and push into
the tray until it stops.
■ Removing
a Perform a of installing operation.
b Take out UIM.
Before Using the Handset
Corner cut