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Fujitsu F-04A User Manual page 22

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F-02A_E1kou Page 44 Thursday, November 27, 2008 9:48 AM
mail, activating downloaded i-αppli, using i-αppli stand-by display, performing
data communication or multiaccess, using camera, playing movie/i-motion,
obtaining or playing Music&Video Channel program, playing tunes with Music
player, watching or recording 1Seg, etc.
Battery pack life
The battery pack is a consumable part. Each time it is charged, time available with
each charging reduces.
When a time available with each charging is reduced to about a half from that of
a new battery, replacement of the battery is recommended because it is near the
end of life. The battery pack may swell out as it comes to near the end of its
lifetime depending on the usage conditions, but it is not a problem.
The battery pack's life may be reduced by using i-αppli or videophone or
watching 1Seg while charging.
Battery charge
For details, refer to the operation manuals for FOMA AC Adapter 01/02 (optional),
FOMA AC Adapter 01 for Global use (optional) or FOMA DC Adapter 01/02
FOMA AC Adapter 01 is applicable only to 100V AC. Though FOMA AC Adapter
02 and FOMA AC Adapter 01 for Global use is applicable to 100-240V AC.
AC Adaptor has a plug dedicated to 100V AC (for domestic use). When using the
AC adapter in the range of AC 100V and 240V overseas, a conversion plug adapter
applicable to the country you are staying is required. Do not charge the battery
using a transformer for overseas travel.
Some i-αppli remains operating even when FOMA terminal is folded, consuming
power. In this case, the call, communication or stand-by time may be reduced.
During a call or communications, charging may not finish. Charging may not complete
if you start battery charging while watching/recording 1Seg, playing movie/i-motion,
obtaining Music&Video Channel program, activating Music&Video Channel player or
MUSIC Player, running i-αppli. In this case, it is recommended to end the operation,
and then charge the battery.
Charging may not be completed depending on the settings of Display light or in some
charging methods, for example, charging while FOMA terminal is opened with Normal
use in Display light time of Display light set to "Always on". To complete charging, it is
recommended that charging be done with FOMA terminal folded.
Before Using the Handset
If you use the videophone or make packet communication or 64K data communication
while charging, internal temperature of FOMA terminal may increase and the charging
may not finish normally. In this case, wait until the temperature drops and try again.
Charging using AC adapter or Desktop holder
Read the respective instruction manual when using the optional FOMA AC adapter,
DC adapter or Desktop Holder.
It is recommended that Desktop Holder be used for charging to prevent water
seepage through external connection jack.
The battery pack cannot be charged without FOMA terminal. When charging the
battery pack, install it to FOMA terminal.
■ Using desktop holder and AC adapter in combination for charging
a Insert the AC adapter to the desktop holder, with the arrow on the AC adapter's
connector upward.
b Unfold the AC adapter's power plug and insert it into a 100V AC outlet.
c With FOMA terminal folded, connect the charging terminal of FOMA terminal
with the charging jack of Desktop Holder (a), and set FOMA terminal in the
direction of the arrow (b) until it clicks.
d After charging is completed, hold Desktop Holder and remove FOMA terminal.
Power plug
AC adapter
Charging jack
Desktop holder
100V AC
Release button
Insert at the
back side