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Charging The Terminal; Charging With Ac Adapter - Fujitsu F905i Manual

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bWith the label side of the battery pack face up, align the
convex part of the battery pack with the concave part of
FOMA terminal, insert the battery pack in the direction
of a and press it in the direction of b until it fits.
Concave part
Battery Pack
cBring the 5 tabs of the back cover to meet the cuts in
FOMA terminal. Slide in the direction of d to fit in
while pressing in the direction of c so that no gap is
generated between FOMA terminal and the back cover.
■ Removing
aPerform Step a in Attaching battery pack.
bHold and raise the battery pack tab in the direction
shown by the arrow to remove the battery pack.
Convex part

Charging the terminal

Charging with AC adapter

Back cover
a Open terminal cap (a) of the terminal, hold
the connector horizontally with the arrow
facing upward and insert it to terminal. (b)
b Unfold the AC adapter's power plug and
insert it into a 110V AC outlet.
c After charging has completed, disconnect
the AC adapter from the outlet and press
the release buttons on both sides of the
connector and remove the connector
horizontally from the terminal.