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Using Motion Sensor - Fujitsu F-04A User Manual

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F-02A_E1kou Page 38 Thursday, November 27, 2008 9:48 AM
geMove the cursor to an iconeg
A screen matched for the selected icon appears.
(Missed calls) : Received call list appears. With 2in1 in Dual mode,
appears when there is a missed call only to Number B and
appears when there are missed calls to both Number A and B.
(Recorded messages) : The recorded message list appears.
(Voice messages in Voice Mail service) : A confirmation screen for
playing message appears. With 2in1 in Dual mode,
there is a message only to Number B and
messages to both Number A and B.
(Unread messages) : The folder list of Inbox appears.
(Unread ToruCa) : The ToruCa list of the folder containing the latest
unread ToruCa appears.
You can perform the same operation when icons below appear.
: Connect to external device using USB cable
: Software update advance notice/notification
: Auto-update of latest pattern definition success/failure
: Music&Video Channel program obtaining success/failure
: 1Seg recording reservation completion/failure
: Performing 1Seg recording reservation/1Seg recording (only watching stopped)
: Pedometer
c or f
Canceling Focus mode :
When moving the cursor to the icon for arrival information and press c for 1 second
or more, the icon disappears temporarily. For a voice message icon of Voice Mail
service, a confirmation screen appears asking you to delete the display. Select "Yes" to
delete the display. It reappears when the number of items is changed by accumulating
new information or viewing existing information.
In Focus mode, you cannot display the menu by pressing m.
Before Using the Handset
An icon at the cursor position
is surrounded with a red frame.
The direction is indicated that
it can be moved to by using
multi-cursor key.
appears when
appears when there are

Using motion sensor

Motion sensor allows you to perform various operations by double-tapping or
tilting FOMA terminal.
Double-tapping FOMA terminal
There are three places which are effective for double-tapping (tap twice) depending
on the function: all faces, front and back faces, and side faces of FOMA terminal.
■ Stopping a ring alert or alarm
Double-tapping the terminal (at any place) while ring alert, alarm clock, schedule
reminder or countdown timer is sounding with FOMA terminal folded, the sound
stops. Alarm clock stops or performs snooze operation.
■ Turning off sub-display light
With FOMA terminal folded, while Open/Close animation is displayed or the sub
stand-by screen is not displayed, double-tapping the front or back side of FOMA
terminal turns off the sub-display light.
■ Starting Toy's world
With FOMA terminal folded, while the sub stand-by screen is displayed, double-
tapping a side of FOMA terminal starts/exits Toy's world.