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Safety Instructions; Electrical Connection - AEG KM4400001 User Manual

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Table of Contents
• Failure to maintain the appliance in a clean condition
could lead to deterioration of the surface that could
adversely affect the life of the appliance and possibly
result in a hazardous situation.
• Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal
scrapers to clean the glass door since they can
scratch the surface, which may result in shattering of
the glass.
• To remove the shelf supports first pull the front of the
shelf support and then the rear end away from the
side walls. Install the shelf supports in the opposite
• Ensure that the appliance is switched off before re-
placing the lamp to avoid the possibility of electric


2.1 Installation
Only a qualified person must in-
stall this appliance.
• Remove all the packaging.
• Do not install or use a damaged appli-
• Obey the installation instruction sup-
plied with the appliance.
• Always be careful when you move the
appliance because it is heavy. Always
wear safety gloves.
• Do not pull the appliance by the han-
• Keep the minimum distance from the
other appliances and units.
• Make sure that the appliance is instal-
led below and adjacent safe struc-
• The sides of the appliance must stay
adjacent to appliances or to units with
the same height.

Electrical connection

Risk of fire and electrical shock.
• All electrical connections should be
made by a qualified electrician.
• The appliance must be earthed.
• Make sure that the electrical informa-
tion on the rating plate agrees with
the power supply. If not, contact an
• Always use a correctly installed shock-
proof socket.
• Do not use multi-plug adapters and
extension cables.
• Make sure not to cause damage to the
mains plug and to the mains cable.
Contact the Service or an electrician to
change a damaged mains cable.
• Do not let mains cables to come in
touch with the appliance door, spe-
cially when the door is hot.
• The shock protection of live and insu-
lated parts must be fastened in such a


Table of Contents

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